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We care what shampoo ingredients are IN the bottle – not just what is not.

Posted on April 22 2016

Today, there is so much written about what is NOT in a product. We believe though, that what is IN the bottle is just as important because a product has to perform well and deliver results.

What are the best ingredients to formulate a true baby shampoo? Ones that are safe, effective and high quality- that the ingredients inside deliver moisturizing and nourishing skin properties. When I developed Babo – it was important that I would source and use the most comforting, soothing and gentlest plant extracts that would protect delicate skin and help relieve eczema and dry skin while not interfering with the skin’s natural barrier. Baby Shampoo ingredients do matter – all of them.

A baby’s skin is naturally extremely sensitive. It is also thin and can easily absorb ingredients – much more so than adults. There is also more sensitivity because a baby’s immune system is just formulating.

A common ingredient in many shampoos and washes are sulfates (SLS) which can be extremely stripping of the skin’s natural oils because it “cleans” by stripping the skin’s natural barrier. It can easily dry out the skin and further exasperate an irritated skin condition. It can also be the cause of rashes – on the face or body. It is both logical and necessary we all now know to find a product that is designed for sensitive skin. Babo uses plant–based cleansers from sugar, corn or coconut. These are called sulfonates, not sulfates. There are many different sulfonates and it’s important to have the purest form. The surfactant in our Oatmilk Calendula Baby Shampoo is derived from plant sources including coconut fatty acids and provide a gentle, tear-free cleanse without the risk of contamination with formaldehyde-releasing preservatives like quaternium-15, or with potential carcinogens like 1,4-dioxane.

The other ingredients in baby shampoo & wash we feel important is Colloidal Oatmeal because it is known to relieve and prevent eczema. Dry skin and eczema are common occurrences among babies (and adults) and the best ingredients in baby shampoo should help minimize and prevent those conditions while soothing the skin.

To further soothe the skin, we also pack our baby shampoo – no sense in skimping here – with organic Calendula Oil and Organic Aloe Vera. These ingredients deliver soothing and moisturizing benefits and are known to calm inflammation.

In all Babo Botanicals products, we use a proprietary Nutri-Soothe ™ Complex that is packed full of vitamins, anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Even young skin needs anti-oxidants to help minimize the effects of environmental factors. Our complex contains certified organic calendula, chamomile, meadowsweet, kudzu and watercress.

Of course, our products while being sulfate free, are also paraben free and phthalate free. …Babo also does not put any soy, dairy or high allergy nuts (peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts) into any of our products so those children or adults with allergies feel secure with our products. Babo shampoos are also gluten free for any child or adult who suffers from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

What I feel so proud about is that Babo baby shampoos do not contain irritating ingredients but also they contain so many nourishing, soothing and sensitive ingredients that derive from nature.

Sensitive skin deserves the best. Shampoo to repeat – for a lifetime of worry free bathing.


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