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Two brown bunnies in a field of grass- Babo Botanicals

Be the bunny: behave gently,
act with love, embrace nature.

We believe we can all be bunnies!
At least at heart

Babo Botanicals was named after Babo the Bunny, the plush stuffed animal our founder gave to her son, who found comfort and connection through Babo’s warm embrace. While we rely on nature to inspire our choice of ingredients, we also find emotional inspiration there. To this day, we imbue our products with that same love, warmth, and kindness — the spirit of the Bunny!

A young boy holding a white bunny- Babo Botanicals

We’ve loved every bunny
we’ve met since ‘babo’.

Bunnies are easygoing, gentle, and pure of heart, and provide comfort to fellow bunnies and humans alike. Bunnies are also intertwined with nature in a holistic way: wherever the outside world is naturally flourishing, a nearby bunny is easy to find.

As we seek to link with nature — through our natural ingredients, methods, and responsible sourcing — we’ll continue to follow the Bunny as our spirit animal. Just like Babo the Bunny, we’re in our natural element whenever we comfort, nourish, and delight families around the world — and whenever we blend seamlessly with nature by using it respectfully and giving back whenever we can.

We also embody the Bunny whenever we act responsibly: by treating each other graciously, by obeying the planet and using its resources with gentle awareness, by employing empathy, teamwork and constructive collaboration, and by acting with love and kindness towards one another.

A young girl nose to nose with a brown bunny- Babo Botanicals

Can you imagine if everything
was as soothing as a bunny?
At babo botanicals, we do.

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