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We were born in a garden

You might already know that Babo Botanicals’ ingredients are pure. But so are our origins!

Meet our founder!

Our seeds were planted in 2010 after our founder Kate Solomon had her first born and went in search of a line of products that felt safe enough for her baby. She found that there was a need for a line of products using clean, natural ingredients that would not only be safe for babies, but great for everyone in the family.

A Passion for sharing nature's wonders.

Kate always had a passion for sustainable agriculture and nutrition, and has practiced the art of beekeeping her entire life — even teaching these crafts to women in rural Paraguay during her time with the Peace Corps. In 2010, Kate paired those passions with her decade-long experience in product formulation, and Babo Botanicals was born: a line of personal care products using natural ingredients, as safe for your entire family as it is for the planet.

Can you guess where our name comes from?

Kate named the company after her little boy's security bunny that he called Babo: she loved how safe and comforted he felt with Babo in his arms, and she wanted parents to feel that security and comfort with her products. Since then, Babo Botanicals continued to blossom into the company you love today: clean, pure botanical products relied upon all around the world by families just like yours.

Staying true to our roots, it's our nature

Today, when we think of our origins, we remember our namesake: Babo the bunny, soothing and comforting. We will always be a small family company at heart, cultivating our founder’s vision: that our relationship with nature is reciprocal. Babo Botanicals provides you with the best of Mother Nature in every product: embracing your family in comfort and health in the most natural way we can.

Family roots, with a planet perspective

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