OUr Mission:
Enabling Families And Nature
To Nurture Each Other

You deserve to be
embraced by nature.

Isn’t it amazing how Mother Nature nurtures every living thing on the planet, just like a parent nurtures their children? Through our gentle plant-based products, we wish to provide you with a daily connection to nature’s goodness. In return we hope to inspire families like yours to care for nature the same way it cares for us.  

we believe in our collective power to give back to nature

At Babo Botanicals, we see each of our smallest actions as opportunities to live in better harmony with nature, and with each other. We believe in the cumulative effects of these everyday actions to make a positive impact on our planet, whether it’s recycling what we use, conserving water or using more natural personal care and household products.


We work everyday to support mother nature

Since our beginnings, we’re always searching for ways, big and small, to interact with nature responsibly. Some of our proudest actions include:
- working with independent farmers to source our botanical ingredients
- joining forces with non-profit organizations like EWG and Peta to find solutions to make the products in our industry safer and more respectful of our planet and its living ecosystems
- supporting farms that use their activity to create safe habitats for local living ecosystems like Honeybees or Koalas: by partnering with Eucalyptus Farm Partners, we were able to help the WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Services) rebuild Koala Habitats after wildfires in Australia.

Our Biggest dream?
Inspiring you to give your best to nature.

We hope Babo Botanicals products and actions will accompany and inspire families like yours to act harmoniously and sustainably with nature — across every aspect of daily life. From recycling do’s and don’ts to composting hacks or sustainable swaps you can make in your day to day consumption, we aim to provide you with easy yet impactful tips through education programs and social media so that we can all together act more responsibly.

Let's Nurture Each Other Through the collective power of community and nature

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