Sustainably sourced manuka oil

Did you know that honeybees are the most important pollinators for flowers, fruits, and vegetables? Simply put, by pollinating over 80 percent of the crops we eat, honeybees help other plants grow and without them many of the food sources we enjoy would be gone. In return though, honeybees are also highly dependent on these botanicals to thrive!

Protecting bee habitats & supporting maoris

Babo Botanicals is proud to source Manuka Essential Oil from a flourishing family-owned farm in the southern region of New Zealand that has built an incredible bee habitat and works in partnership with the underserved local Maori community. While growing and harvesting this flowering plant, the farm ensures the preservation of the friendly buzzy pollinators’ natural habitat, something very dear to our founder Kate Solomon’s heart who grew up in a family passionate about sustainable beekeeping.

Together with New Zealand’s leading forestry research experts, our partners have created a propagation and nursery program which allowed for the planting of over 4,650,000 seedlings. That combined with their unique extraction process of harvesting just the brush, or the top portion of the tree, they have formed a complete symbiotic relationship between the bees and the trees – working together to survive and thrive. This unique planting of Manuka helps reforest the area while also helping the underserved Maori landowners earn income from Manuka plantations.

Naturally rich in purifying and anti-bacterial agents, Manuka extracts are often used in concoctions intended to cleanse and purify skin. That is why this sustainably sourced Manuka Essential Oil is at the core of our Hand Soap Collection, keeping your hands clean while helping preserve bee habitats!
At Babo Botanicals, we are committed to sustainably sourcing ingredients that are not only good for people but also for the local ecosystem and the farmers who grow and harvest them with love and care.

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