Sustainably sourced eucalyptus

Did you know experts warn that Koalas might become extinct in the next 30 years? One of the main threats for our cuddly Australian friends is the loss of their habitats: Eucalyptus forests. Land clearings, excessive farming and wildfires have already reduced Koalas’ natural habitat and food supply by over 80%, leaving them more vulnerable than ever.


While Eucalyptus leaves and essential oil provide many health benefits to people, at Babo Botanicals we find it inconceivable to use a natural resource at the detriment of the wildlife that depends on it: this is why we are so proud to source our Eucalyptus essential oil from a 100% renewable energy woman-owned farm in Australia whose driving force is to create a safe haven for endangered Koalas.

Our truly inspiring farmer partners have committed to giving back to Australia’s wildlife by dedicating over a mile and a half of their land to create a Koala sanctuary. Built at the back end of the farm near the lagoon, a main water supply for Koalas, this sanctuary provides a safe rest stop for the furry marsupials travelling in the region, keeping them safe from the busy roads. The sanctuary also serves as an abundant food source for Koalas, planted with hundreds of Eucalyptus trees specifically selected for their picky diet (they only feed on a fraction of Eucalyptus tree species out of the 800 that exist!).

Our Eucalyptus Remedy Collection is enriched with this sustainably sourced Eucalyptus. It is our way to let you enjoy the many benefits of this special botanical ingredient – decongesting, purifying, and invigorating – while making sure we are preserving the natural ecosystems it comes from in return.
At Babo Botanicals, we are committed to sustainably sourcing ingredients that are not only good for people but also for the local ecosystem and the farmers who grow and harvest them with love and care.

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