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What Is Eczema?

What is Eczema?

Atopic eczema is an increasingly common skin problem that leads to extreme dryness, itchiness and skin discomfort. Caused by genetic and environmental factors, it often appears at the age of three months then improves after a few years.

Types of Eczema

When your skin is red, inflamed or itchy, eczema may be to blame. The term eczema refers to a group of conditions responsible for this rash-like reaction in the skin. The most common form of eczema is known as atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema. While eczema is very common in children, it can strike at any age. Although Eczema is not contagious, it tends to be a chronic condition with no known cure. There are measures you can take to help alleviate the symptoms associated with eczema. Self-care treatments are important. Using gentle, fragrance-free skincare products and keeping the skin hydrated are key in keeping the itchiness and irritation associated with eczema under control.

Eczema Symptoms

It shows up as patches of red or dry skin. The skin is almost always itchy, dry, and rough. While it may appear just about anywhere on a baby’s body, eczema most often occurs on a baby’s cheeks and at the joints of their arms and legs.

Infant eczema can be easily confused with cradle cap, another significantly less red, scaly rash of infancy. Cradle cap generally clears up by 8 months, and usually appears on the scalp, sides of the nose, eyelids and eyebrows, and behind the ears.

What are the Symptoms of Baby Eczema?

  • The major symptom is extremely dry skin
  • It is also rough and has small, flaky patches.
  • Dry, rough patches appear regularly or periodically, especially on the face, in skin folds (neck, elbow, back of knees) and on the extremities (hands, wrists, ankles).
  • The skin is very itchy, sometimes to the point to disrupting sleep.


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