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Sustainably sourced Lavender

Did you know that lavender has been used for thousands of years for purposes such as healing, relaxing, cleaning, perfuming and repelling bugs?

Promoting Biodiversity & Wild Pollinators through Harvesting

Lavender is a small shrub with origins in the Mediterranean area. Our certified fairtrade lavender is harvested from the south of France, where the fragrant flowering plant and other crops grown nearby like thyme and rosemary help attract bees and wild pollinators. Wild pollinators like bees are instrumental in food security, as they allow plants, and many food crops, to reproduce. Our calming, aromatic lavender is Ecocert organic certified, with an aim to minimize the impact of its farming on the environment. It is cultivated without pesticides and insecticides to promote biodiversity and encourage a healthy population of pollinators.  


The growing, harvesting, drying and extracting of our lavender all happens in the same region, supporting families in the area and reducing environmental impact. Our supplier also provides a guaranteed contract of payment to the local farmers on a 3-year cycle. This guarantees income for the farmers even on the chance of a poor growing season, drought or other circumstances, and allows for security and peace of mind for the communities caring for the crops.  

Our Calming Collection is enriched with our fairtrade lavender, known for its soothing properties. Lavender can also help to reduce inflammation and soothe irritation.  

At Babo Botanicals, we are committed to sustainably sourcing ingredients that are not only good for people but also for the local ecosystem and the farmers who grow and harvest them with love and care.  


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