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Taking care of your skin, hair, and body during summer is a 24/7 project, but it shouldn’t detract from spending time outside and appreciating everything Mother Nature has to offer. With Babo Botanicals, you can find skin, hair, body, and sun care products that harmonize with nature. You can use their formulas to enjoy pure, plant-based ingredients and help protect and maintain healthy-looking skin from your head to your toes.

Hawaii-Compliant Mineral Sunscreen

If you spend any amount of time outside, whether gardening, surfing, or going to a park with your family, you need sunscreen. Our Sheer Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Spray was created for sensitive skin, using natural origin zinc oxide as the mineral filter to form a barrier on the skin’s surface to protect from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays

Daily Tinted Facial Moisturizer

Before you leave the house for errands or events indoors and out, apply one of Babo Botanicals’ tinted facial moisturizers. Their lightweight, non-greasy formulas feature 30-50 SPF and blend into most skin tones with minimal whitening. Facial tinted sunscreen can be a fantastic base under makeup or on its own, so you can wear it whether you’re keeping things casual or dressing up. The fragrance-free formula is suitable for all ages (excluding babies), so while you may want a plain zinc sunscreen for the kids, it’s totally safe to dab Babo Botanicals’ facial tinted sunscreen on little noses and cheeks in a pinch.

EWG Verified™ Shampoo and Body Wash

After spending time in the sun, you’ll want to wash off your sunscreen, and there’s no better way to do it than with a clean, EWG Verified™ shampoo and body wash. Babo Botanicals avoids ingredients of concern that are potentially harsh on your skin and the environment and uses gentle, plant-based alternatives to formulate their products.

Their products meet strict standards for health and safety, and they work with sustainable and independent farms. From sourcing ingredients like the eucalyptus oil in their eucalyptus body wash from a farm that supports koala habitats to creating nourishing, gentle formulas, Babo Botanicals helps you find safe and effective options for all moments of self-care and family care.

Babo Botanicals is the perfect summer skin, hair, body, and sun care brand. Not only do they uphold standards for Hawaii compliance and EWG verification, but they also share their passion for nature by supporting sustainable, independent farms. Every time you step outside your home, take the family on a hike, or tend to your skin this summer, Babo Botanicals helps you discover new ways to enjoy connections to the earth.