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Family-Owned Brands and Their Secret to Making High-Quality Products 

A family-owned brand sends a message: family is important and deserving of love and care every day. With skin, hair, and sun care products from a family-owned brand, you have to see what sets them apart to truly appreciate how they make a difference in your home. From the shampoo in your shower to the zinc sunscreen your teenage son wears for soccer practice, ingredients, characteristics, and little details make you fall in love with the products. The ways the best family-owned brands set themselves apart are difficult to ignore.

Showing That Quality of Ingredients Matters

Ingredients are the cores of any high-quality products. A privately-owned brand (like a family brand) pays close attention to the ingredients they use. The ingredients might have been one of the things that drew you to them in the first place. They can establish a connection between you and the source of the ingredients. In a brand that formulates their products with plant-based ingredients, the source is nature.

Offering Gentle Products for the Whole Family

A reliable family-owned brand offers gentle products with wholesome ingredients for the whole family. While the ingredients stand out on their own, they combine to create something wonderful for skin, hair, and sun care routines. Whether it’s a collection of sensitive products for babies, zinc sunscreen and sport shampoo for older kids, or facial tinted sunscreen for you, they should all contain ingredients safe for daily use.


Staying True to Their Mission Statement

Mission statements are a part of what draws you to a company. Look for a family-owned brand committed to helping create a better world by connecting you to the source of the ingredients. Cruelty-free, certified B-Corp, Hawaii-compliant, and sustainably sourced are all product descriptions that may help you create a more nurturing lifestyle. Every time you use your eucalyptus body wash, it can bring you closer to the sustainable eucalyptus farms contributing to koala habitat. That’s the kind of stuff that makes a difference.     

Building Relationships From Start to Finish

Transparency is a big deal when it comes to the products you and your family use. A brand owned by a family is transparent about its formulas and processes. If they offer plant-based products with botanicals, they create relationships with nature, the botanists who develop the formulas, the farms where the ingredients are grown, and the people who use their products. Hopefully, plant-based products from such a personal brand experience will inspire you to seek out your own connections with nature and the ingredients it provides.

You can see the love and care a brand puts into its formulas and how it stands by its mission statement with every list of ingredients and new product release. With a family-owned brand, there’s a sense of trust you can’t find anywhere else. Family-owned brands give you peace of mind and the quality products that have you reaching for their eucalyptus shampoo, zinc sunscreen, daily lotion, and tinted moisturizers again and again. You’ll feel good about using their products for your whole family because family is what they’re all about.