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Gentle Back-to-School Skincare Products for Toddlers and Young Children

What does back-to-school look like for our youngest family members? It’s mostly about ensuring you have the skin, hair, and body care products to take the best care of them. That means stocking up on the products you’ll use daily to gently cleanse, moisturize, and protect their skin from one season to the next. The best items to have on hand for toddlers and younger children during the school year include the following skin, hair, body, and sun care products.

EWG Verified™ Sunscreen

It’s still warm enough for kids to play outside, and many daycares and schools will take advantage of it, so find a gentle, high-quality zinc sunscreen with plant-based ingredients to protect your little one’s skin. An EWG Verified™ mineral baby sunscreen is an excellent option because the formula was tested by an outside party and is free of potentially harsh ingredients. This sunscreen will also come in handy during the winter when it’s sunny and cold outside.

Shampoo and Wash with Plant-Based Ingredients

You can make baths feel like a special part of the back-to-school routine with a new Sensitive Baby Shampoo & Body Wash. Fragrance-free formulas with “baby” on the label are not just for babies! They’re also great for young kids with sensitive skin. A product with safe, plant-based ingredients will be gentle and effective enough to use every day if needed.

All-Purpose Miracle Balm

You may find the youngest member of your family has sensitive skin that needs extra attention. Even if you skip a daily lotion, you can pick up an all-purpose “miracle” balm. It’s great for any area that you notice feels a little dry, including hands, knees, elbows, cheeks, and other areas. Our nourishing miracle balm without petroleum, mineral oil, or silicones is ideal because you can feel good about reapplying it or putting it on dry lips. It’s a great year-round essential, and you may even want to buy an extra one to keep at the daycare or school.

Foaming Hand Soap

Children’s hands get dirty, and it’s a great idea to start having toddlers and younger children wash their hands right when they get home. Fragrance-free foaming hand soap is the perfect addition to your list of back-to-school essentials. Your little ones won’t need to work as hard to get a lather, and you won’t have to make sure the soap doesn’t slide right off their hands. A fragrance-free option is excellent because it’s gentle on the skin and the senses, which is particularly helpful if your kids ever get sick and feel sensitive to added fragrance in conventional hand soap.

Many of the back-to-school skin, hair, body, and sun care products you buy, like a baby wash, are the everyday items you will continue to use whether your kids are in school or not. Still, if you have a new kindergartener or a child starting daycare, you need gentle products to nourish your little one’s skin and help it feel its best so your toddler or kindergartener can keep playing, learning, and growing all year.