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What to Pack for Your Baby Before Leaving on Vacation

There’s a lot to think about when planning a vacation with little ones in tow. In addition to clothing, diapers, toys, and sleeping accommodations, you have to consider which products will care for their sensitive skin in the sun and during their vacation bath routine. Babies and young children need products designed to nourish their skin with high-quality, pure ingredients. Here are some suggestions to help keep your little one’s skin safe and smooth and help you and your baby connect more with some of nature’s best ingredients

Effective Mineral Baby Sunscreen

When you’re on vacation somewhere the sun shines bright, sunscreen is a must for everyone in the family. When you spend hours in the sun, you want to use sunscreen that you feel good about reapplying to your baby’s sensitive skin. A mineral sunscreen without fragrances or potentially harsh ingredients is the best option. Look for a broad spectrum baby sunscreen with plant-based ingredients to help support and protect your baby’s skin, like our Sensitive Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotioncreated with natural origin mineral zinc oxide for effective broad spectrum SPF50 protection and 24 plant-based ingredients including nourishing shea butter.

Daily Baby Shampoo with Plant-Based Ingredients

If you are not checking a bag or driving, add a fragrance-free baby shampoo to a smaller, travel-sized container. You will want to use a mild baby shampoo with ingredients like oat, cocoa butter, and aloe vera to ensure your baby’s skin feels soft and moisturized. A gentle formula that cleanses and rinses well will help remove sunscreen, sand, and other residue from your little one’s sensitive skin. 

Sensitive Baby Lotion

After your baby comes out of the bath, stay as true to your usual routine as possible and apply a baby lotion with hydrating, plant-based ingredients. Baby lotion is another product you may have to transfer to a travel-sized container, so make sure you bring enough. Even with plant-based ingredients, a dermatologist and pediatrician-tested formula is preferred for delicate, young skin. You may need to take extra care with your baby’s skin after time outside, so trustworthy products are essential.

Easy-to-Apply Diaper Rash Cream

You will put any little one who isn’t potty trained into a comfortable, dry diaper for bedtime. That tired little nugget may sleep long stretches at night or the whole night through, depending on their age. Ensure their diaper stays comfortable and their skin stays dry with a diaper rash cream that’s easy to apply. If you have to do any late-night diaper changes, a spray-on diaper rash cream with zinc, shea butter, sunflower oil, and calendula will help their skin continue to feel its best. That way, they can wake up ready to play with a smooth and soothed little bum the next day.

Products with nourishing, plant-based ingredients will help you care for your little one’s skin no matter where your vacation takes you. If you’re not driving or checking a bag, you may have to transfer your favorite fragrance-free baby products into TSA-compliant containers, but it will be worth it. Your baby can continue to enjoy their favorite baby wash during a bath routine after a day in the sun. At the same time, you preserve that special time of bonding and connection while making new memories with your family.