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Why It’s Time to Switch Your Family to Plant-Based Skin, Hair, and Sun Care  

Protecting and caring for your family’s skin needs is just something you do as a parent, like feeding them nourishing foods and helping them learn and grow as little humans. Not only do you want to model certain behaviors, but you also want to be an example of how to care for skin and hair. That’s why you’re considering products with plant-based ingredients. If you haven’t already made the switch, these four thoughts may inspire you to fully transition your family skincare routine to plant-based care. 

Responsible Ingredient Sourcing

Sourcing ingredients is the starting point for skin, hair, and sun care products. Before putting your trust into a brand, make sure they’re transparent about their sourcing methods. With plant-based formulas from a trustworthy brand, the farms providing ingredients should cater to nature and support the conservation of its goodness. This sourcing method helps maintain the product’s quality, ensuring that it is effective in caring for you and your little one’s skin, whether it’s bedtime, bath time, or time for a little sun. 


Daily Connections to Nature

Plant-based ingredients can be essential to connecting with nature every day. A gentle and safe baby sunscreen with nourishing, plant-based ingredients will help you feel good applying and reapplying a sun care product to your baby’s skin. Our Sensitive Baby Mineral Sunscreen Stick is water resistant and created with natural origin mineral zinc oxide for effective broad spectrum SPF50 protection for face & body. Made with 17 plant-based ingredients including nourishing shea butter. Mild ingredients from nature and mineral zinc help protect your baby’s skin and block harmful UV rays, allowing them to explore the outdoors in every way a baby or toddler can. That includes playing in the sunshine, splashing in the water, and sitting on soft grass with you. 

Gentle Products for Skin and Hair

Products that are gentle on young, sensitive skin are essential to baby-safe skincare, but they’re also an excellent choice for adults. A fantastic skin, hair, and sun care brand creates gentle, plant-based formulas with intention. The ingredients in their baby wash should be safe for daily use, so you can enjoy bonding during bath time without worrying their sensitive skin might feel dry afterward. Plant-based baby wash should have soothing ingredients, like oat, shea, and cocoa butters, and rinse clean to leave their skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Easy Ways to Care for Your Little One

Most importantly, plant-based products make caring for yourself and your little one easy. They’re safe, effective, and you shouldn’t worry about potentially harsh ingredients interfering with daily routines. Plus, you can find everything you need in one place. Plant-based skin, hair, and sun care brands offer products for everyone, from your oldest to your youngest family member. You can pick up your favorite bottle of sensitive, fragrance-free baby shampoo, as well as a bottle of your eucalyptus shampoo and conditioner and any other products you need.

Products with plant-based ingredients allow you to care for yourself and your baby easily. You don’t have to worry about where ingredients come from because they come from Mother Nature and the sustainable farms that treat her well. You can support, maintain, and protect even the most sensitive skin with a collection of high-quality, gentle, and nourishing products for you and your baby.