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A Self-Care Routine with Plant-Based Ingredients for Parents at the End of the School Year

The school year may feel long for parents, but a summer without a self-care routine can feel even longer. That’s why it’s essential for you to make time to practice basic self-care, support and maintain your skin and hair, and harmonize with nature while you do it. As summertime gets rolling and you get swept up in the rush of being a parent, take these steps at the start of your day for some easy self-care approved by Mother Nature.

Start with an Aromatic Shower or Bath

If you wake up just 10-15 minutes earlier than usual, you have time for a shower. The morning is a great time for self-care because you don’t have to squeeze it into the end of the day. Use our Eucalyptus Remedy Plant-Based Shampoo & Wash in your daily shower to enjoy a refreshing scent and start the day with the help of an aromatic experience.

Nourish Your Hair with a Reliable Conditioner

You will usually follow the shampoo with a conditioner, and the product doesn’t have to include anything more than simple, pure ingredients to enjoy the sensation of soft and clean-feeling hair. Use the Eucalyptus Remedy Plant-Based Conditioner, This invigorating eucalyptus conditioner gently detangles and rebalances hair. Or find one with a scent and ingredients that appeal to your needs.

Apply an Extra-Gentle Body Lotion

When you get out of the shower, ensure your skin feels hydrated and nourished with a body lotion with plant-based ingredients, such as oat, shea butter, calendula, and sunflower oil. In a dermatologist-tested formula, these plant-based ingredients help skin feel soothed, providing comfort and a moment to relax before the day begins as you massage it into your skin.

As a parent, it feels like everything is about your children. While that’s not a bad thing, you need to give yourself time in the day for your needs. Use gentle products with plant-based ingredients to create a morning self-care routine and meet all your needs. It’ll help you start the day with support from Mother Nature, and it may help you harmonize with your surroundings when you and your kids walk through the garden, play at the park, and just enjoy the summer.