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You wear your skin every day, so give it some love! The best way to do this? By using products made with natural ingredients. Jojoba oil is an amazing natural ingredient that can benefit your skin and hair in many ways.

In fact, we think jojoba oil is so great that we use it in lots of our products. Take a look to find out what exactly jojoba oil is and to discover the skin and hair benefits of using this oil!

What Is Jojoba Oil?


Jojoba oil comes from the jojoba plant that’s grown in the desert climates of Mexico and North America. The jojoba plant produces a nut, or a seed, that is then turned into an oily-waxy substance.

It’s known for its healing ability, making it a good choice for treating skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more. Use it as a cleanser, moisturizer, or spot treatment for undesirable breakouts.

To really comprehend how amazing jojoba oil is, take a look at our list of skin and hair benefits below, as well as how to use jojoba oil!

Skin Benefits Of Jojoba Oil


1) Moisturizes Naturally

Jojoba oil helps to protect and seal your skin, including your lips. This allows you to lock in moisture naturally. Many chemically made products dry out your skin, but not jojoba oil!

Our Moisturizing Oat & Calendula Body Lotion, for example, is made with jojoba oil and naturally moisturizes your baby’s skin.

2) Kills Bacteria And Fungi

On top of moisturizing your skin, jojoba oil cleanses your skin, too. It contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties, meaning it can kill certain bacteria and fungi.

It won’t kill all of them, but it does a good job of keeping those pesky ones, like E. coli and candida, away!

3) Delivers Amazing Hydration

Everyone wants their skin to glow. This doesn’t just happen by accident. You have to treat your skin and give it the right type of attention, starting with hydration.

How? With nutrients like vitamin E. Jojoba oil is packed with vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that’s essential for healthy skin. The benefits of vitamin E are endless, including hydrating your skin.

The natural oil in the jojoba plant combined with all of its antioxidants — like vitamin E — gives your skin that boost of hydration you’ve been looking for!

4) Minimizes Allergic Reactions

Some skincare products can leave your skin irritated and red. But using naturally derived products reduces your chances of having an allergic reaction to the product.

Jojoba oil is made from natural ingredients and is less likely to irritate your skin. What’s more, oil is easily absorbed through the skin, so when you use jojoba oil, you’re giving your skin the best treatment — naturally!

5) Controls Oil Production

Sebum is an oily substance produced by your body’s sebaceous glands that helps keep moisture inside your skin.

It plays a big role in keeping your skin hydrated and elastic, which will be crucial once those wrinkles start showing up!

However, too much of a good thing can sometimes become a bad thing. Too much sebum production can lead to oily skin, which can clog your pores over time and result in unwanted breakouts.

If you’re prone to oily skin, it may be the result of your body producing more sebum than it needs. This is where jojoba oil comes into play.

This beneficial oil helps regulate your body’s sebum production so you’re less likely to have an oversupply of sebum, which means fewer breakouts!

6) Soothes Dryness

The pesky flakes associated with dry skin can be a little tricky to get rid of. But don’t worry — if dry skin has you down, jojoba oil could be your answer!

Because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, jojoba oil helps ease common skin conditions like dryness, flaking, itching, and other dry skin-related symptoms.

If you’ve battled with eczema or psoriasis, you’ve probably tried product after product. Fortunately, jojoba oil is great for helping soothe these dry skin conditions.

Our Calming Lavender Body Lotion with jojoba oil, for example, is ideal for soothing both baby and adult skin!

7) Calms Sunburn

Most everyone has experienced spending a little too much time in the sun with not enough protection! As a result, your skin suffers immediately, but it can take a toll on your skin in the future as well.

Before you head out for some fun in the sun, lather up with our Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 30, which is made with jojoba oil and lots of other skin-loving ingredients.

If it’s too late and you’re already suffering from sun damage or sunburns (which can dry out your skin and cause flaking), jojoba oil can help calm your skin.

Its powerful combination of vitamin E and other antioxidants is known to help protect your skin from sun damage. What’s more, jojoba oil adds moisture and promotes healing, making it the perfect solution to soothe your sun-damaged skin.

Try Our After Sun Soothing Hydrating Aloe Gel to relieve your sun-kissed skin and leave it feeling silky and smooth!

8) Helps Treat Acne

Unfortunately, acne is part of life, more so for some than for others. Fortunately, jojoba oil can help calm your acne-prone skin!

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties that we’ve been talking about, jojoba oil may help promote healing for mild cases of acne and may even help prevent breakouts.

9) Improves Skin Elasticity

Skin elasticity is the skin’s ability to stretch and snap back to its original shape. When your skin lacks elasticity, it can become saggy or wrinkly.

While jojoba oil doesn’t necessarily treat wrinkles, it can improve your skin’s elasticity because of its amazing antioxidant properties.

That, in turn, can slow down signs of aging and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hair Benefits Of Jojoba Oil

10) Conditions And Locks In Moisture

Jojoba oil properties help lock in much-needed moisture and hydrate your hair. Put a few drops of jojoba oil in your hair before and after styling it to make it soft and healthy!

11) Tackles Dandruff

If you’re ready to say good-bye to flakes, try jojoba oil! The added hydration can help prevent dandruff and fight off an itchy scalp. Use jojoba oil daily to keep flakes at bay.

12) Protects Against Damage


If you’re constantly applying heat and color to your hair, you might have some hair damage. And if you don’t treat your hair with the right products (ones made with natural ingredients), that damage can increase over time.

To protect your hair against any further damage, use jojoba oil before applying heat to it. The fatty acids and antioxidants in jojoba oil help protect your beautiful locks.

This way, you can care for your hair while still using all of your favorite hair tools. You’ll have soft, shiny hair in no time!

Bonus tip: Add a few drops of jojoba oil before and after styling your hair to extend the length of time between salon visits!

13) Promotes Hair Growth

As you get older, you might notice a few bald spots or a receding hairline. This is because, over time, your scalp can dry out, and dryness can lead to hair loss.

The key to avoiding hair loss and promoting growth is to keep your scalp hydrated. And when you do hydrate your scalp, make sure to give it the right kind of vitamins that actually stimulate hair growth rather than stunt it.

Jojoba oil can do the trick! The vitamins and minerals in jojoba oil give your scalp the nourishment you need for strong, healthy hair.

How To Use Jojoba Oil

Just like any product you’re trying for the first time, it’s important to do a patch test on your skin before you begin using jojoba oil.

Then check out our list of all the ways you can benefit from this nourishing oil:

  • Use it by itself or mix it with other oils
  • Apply it directly to your skin; it doesn’t have to be diluted
  • Use it as a lip balm
  • Use it to target specific concerns, such as acne or scars
  • Apply it all over your face like a serum
  • Mix it with other natural ingredients to make a DIY mask or cleanser
  • Use it as an eye-makeup remover
  • Use it as a hair mask
  • Rub it into the ends of your hair to prevent split ends
  • Add it to your existing hair products to help control frizz
  • Apply it directly to your scalp to help ward off dandruff flakes
  • Let it sit on your scalp for 20 minutes before shampooing or after conditioning

Babo Botanicals: Naturally Different

As you’ve discovered, jojoba oil has many benefits for your skin and hair. To start with, it makes a great natural moisturizer and cleanser, and it conditions your hair and tackles dandruff!

When you use jojoba oil, keep our “how to use” ideas in mind to give your skin and scalp some extra TLC. Then check out the rest of our many naturally derived products tailored for your specific skin and hair care needs!