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Choosing skin, hair, and body products for the family is an important responsibility. From lotion to sunscreen to body wash, the products will help you care for your loved ones every day. At Babo Botanicals, we are passionate about providing high-quality products with safe, gentle, and plant-based ingredients. As you explore their selection of family-friendly formulas, you might wonder how to choose the options that will best serve you, your kids, or your partner. The following suggestions are simple ways to determine which products you need.

Consider Different Skin, Hair, Body, and Sun Care Concerns

Before you grab some Babo Botanicals products, you should know what your family needs. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you might need some sunscreen, after-sun care, and cleansing products to remove sunscreen. If you and the family go to the beach or spend time by another body of water, you can use our Swim & Sport Citrus Mint & Passion Fruit Shampoo & Wash. For sensitive skin, you may need fragrance-free products. 

Explore the Variety of Safe and Effective Babo Botanicals Products

Regardless of your family’s skin, hair, body, and sun care needs, Babo Botanicals will have something for everyone that is gentle and safe. We offer shampoo and body wash products full of plant-based ingredients with different scents and formulas. our Sensitive Baby fragrance-free collection is suitable for infants. 

Find Hawaii-Compliant Mineral Sunscreen for the Whole Family

There is also a variety of mineral sunscreen products to uncover. Babo Botanicals is one of the first brands with an EWG Verified™ mark on several recreational zinc sunscreen products. Babo Botanicals is transparent about their processes, and their products are environmentally conscious and safe for your family. The Hawaii-compliant sun care blocks UV rays without potentially harsh ingredients, so you can feel good about applying it to even the most sensitive skin.