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Stuck Inside? Skincare Can Help You Connect with Nature

Being stuck inside when all you want to do is be out in nature can take the wind out of your sails. When you know you aren’t going to be outside during the day, you can rely on your skincare routine to help you feel connected with nature. From learning about your products’ formulas to using a body wash with a wide range of plant-based ingredients, skincare is an excellent way to help you get back to nature when you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. 

Learn About Nourishing, Plant-Based Ingredients

One of the first steps in connecting your skincare routine to nature is through learning which plant-based ingredients are used in your products. For example, finding a product with watercress means all of the other ingredients are more nourishing, as watercress can help strengthen other ingredients. 

Meadowsweet may not be an ingredient you are currently familiar with, but it’s worth learning about. It’s an antioxidant-rich perennial plant that is packed with salicylic acid and vitamin C. Knowing which ingredients are in your products and how they can help nourish and protect your skin is essential to connecting to nature with plant-based ingredients. Nature can help your skin if you know what to use. 

Unwind and Cleanse with Effective Botanicals

Effective botanicals can help you unwind and cleanse your skin, even if you can’t unwind under the open skies. Using Our Eucalyptus Remedy Plant-Based Shampoo & Wash can help you connect to nature while relaxing after a long day of being stuck indoors. Eucalyptus has a relaxing aroma and can invigorate your skin. A body wash that also includes aloe vera can help moisturize your skin with a plant-based ingredient

All of this can help contribute to a gentle self-care moment. Using a eucalyptus and rosemary bubble bath can help you care for your body while enjoying a wonderful aroma and gently cleansing your skin. It may not be the great outdoors, but you can breathe in the refreshing scents of eucalyptus and rosemary. 

Treat Your Skin to Gentle Ingredients From Nature

You should treat your skin with gentle ingredients, just like you would treat nature by taking only photos and leaving only footprints. Wearing a mineral facial tinted sunscreen even when indoors can help your skin, thanks to the formula’s gentle, plant-based ingredients. Aloe vera hydrates, while sweet white lupine provides blue light protection. The tint helps promote a healthy-looking glow while minimizing the white cast on most skin tones.