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With so many different skincare options to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming to pick out the products you know are good for your family and the world. Babo Botanicals uses the power of plant-based ingredients to give you and your family the nourishing skincare products you deserve, all from the world around you. 

With everything from zinc sunscreen to baby wash and more, you can always find exactly what you need from Babo Botanicals. But that’s not the only way Babo Botanicals looks out for you, your family, and the planet. 

Plant-Based Ingredients

There is so much more to plant-based ingredients than just scent. Babo Botanicals thoughtfully sources ingredients that are good for you and the planet we all share. Botanicals have been nourishing us and taking care of us since humans have existed. With nutrient-rich ingredients like coconut, lavender, meadowsweet, and so much more, you can trust every Babo Botanicals product to nourish your skin. 

EWG Verified™ Sunscreens

Okay, so we all know how important it is to wear sunscreen every day. What if you could get sun protection without the potentially harsh ingredients found in conventional sunscreen? Babo Botanicals has so many different options, from mineral baby sunscreen to facial tinted sunscreen and zinc sunscreens. All of these products are fortified with nourishing, plant-based ingredients to care for your skin while protecting you from the sun.

Dermatologist-Tested Products

Babo Botanicals genuinely cares about the efficacy and safety of every product—what we put on our skin matters. That’s why each formula is dermatologist tested and allergy tested by independent partners to ensure Babo Botanicals’ products are safe and great for the skin. Babo Botanicals puts leading experts into every development phase to provide you with the best possible products. 

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

In addition to using the finest plant-based ingredients to craft their high-quality products, Babo Botanicals also uses sustainably sourced ingredients, supporting farmers worldwide who focus on respecting the earth with their agricultural practices. We owe everything to our home planet, and it’s essential to support those who want to protect it. 

Daily Connections to Nature’s Goodness

With our busy modern lifestyles, we often tend to think of ourselves as separate from nature instead of a piece in this ever-evolving puzzle. But in reality, we are all connected, even if that connection seems to get a little lost every now and again. Something as simple as lathering up with eucalyptus body wash or applying a calming lavender body lotion from Babo Botanicals can help remind you of our relationship with nature.