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Babo Botanicals is a brand born in a garden. It all started when the founder wanted to find products that felt safe for her little one with clean ingredients from nature. Having found a need for these items in the skin, body, hair, and sun care industry, she created her own line of family-friendly products. With sensitive baby formulas, sustainably sourced ingredients, and a cute bunny logo, Babo Botanicals is a brand that is as much for the planet as it is for your whole family.

Pure, Plant-Based Ingredients

The ingredients Babo Botanicals features in their products are as pure as their origins. Nourishing and plant-based ingredients connect you to the natural world no matter where you use them. 

As an introduction to Babo Botanicals’ ingredients, you can explore their exclusive Nutri-Soothe™ Herbal Blend. The natural properties of organic calendula, organic chamomile, organic meadowsweet, and organic watercress support every one of their products, helping you find Mother Nature’s touch in every bottle.

Nourishing Formulas for the Whole Family

Babo Botanicals works hard to nurture harmony between families and nature with nourishing ingredients you and the family can feel comfortable using every day. The unique zinc sunscreen has moisturizing sunflower oil, and many of the baby formulas include gentle shea butter. Whether caring for 2, 12, or 45-year-olds, Babo Botanicals helps you create a customized skin, body, hair, and sun care routine using formulas that only have the good stuff.

Exemplary Sustainable Sourcing

Babo Botanicals takes ingredients from nature, but they give back with sustainable sourcing because people are not the only recipients of these products. Their EWG-verified eucalyptus body wash uses eucalyptus oil from a 100% renewable energy, woman-owned farm with a koala sanctuary with eucalyptus trees explicitly selected for the furry friends. Babo Botanicals partners only with farmers whose approach to production aligns with theirs. It’s responsible, sustainable, and caters to nature.

Small, Family-Run Company at Heart

At its heart, Babo Botanicals is still the small, family-run business it was when it first started offering high-quality formulas with plant-based ingredients. The brand sticks to its mission of providing responsible products using responsible behavior, whether it offers a facial tinted sunscreen or a shampoo and body wash. Babo Botanicals continues to create pure and gentle products for the whole family.

Babo Botanicals started in a garden. And with nourishing, sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients in gentle formulas safe for the family, Babo Botanicals makes itself an indispensable addition to skin, body, hair, and sun care routines. Whether you’re looking for mineral sunscreen or a sensitive baby wash, Babo Botanicals will help you fill the need for high-quality products you and the planet will love.