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5 Characteristics of a High-Quality Tinted Facial Sunscreen with Plant-Based Ingredients

Morning skincare routines are becoming much simpler with high-quality, multitasking products like shampoo formulas that double as gentle body wash and lotions suitable for the whole family. One of the most convenient products to use daily is a tinted sunscreen. Facial tinted sunscreen blends into your complexion, offering the sun protection you need while maintaining an even-looking complexion. Still, you have to be mindful and look for the characteristics that will make it a reliable addition to your skincare routine.

Hawaii-Compliant Sun Protection

There is a lot of greenwashing going into sunscreen labels, claiming the product is “reef-safe.” However, that claim is hard to prove. If you want to find zinc sunscreen that is considerate of Mother Nature, you need one from a company with transparent practices. Look for a tinted facial zinc sunscreen that only uses zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as active ingredients. That means it’s free of the chemical sunscreen ingredients that are banned in Hawaii, but it’s not making unproven claims.


Nourishing Formula with Plant-Based Ingredients

When you apply a product to your face, you want it to support the look and feel of your complexion. Supporting and maintaining your complexion is a primary reason for a solid skincare routine. Treat your skin well with a formula featuring nourishing, plant-based ingredients that are gentle and effective. Look for ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, white lupin seed oil, and shea butter or raspberry oil, in addition to mineral zinc.

Dermatologist Tested

Dermatologists know how to take care of skin. If a product is dermatologist tested and approved, the formula was tested to ensure it is safe and effective. Plus, you can tell a skin and sun care brand takes pride in its transparent practices when they get its products tested by dermatologists.

Lightweight Liquid Application

A product you apply to your face shouldn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable throughout the day, even if you have to reapply. It is sun protection—reapplying every two hours is the best way to help keep your skin in top condition. A lightweight, liquid application is ideal for a skincare product with SPF. You can apply it easily and smooth the formula onto your skin more evenly.

Free of Potentially Harsh Ingredients

After looking into what you want in a skincare product with SPF, uncover the ingredients you don’t want to see on the ingredient list. A high-quality facial tinted sunscreen shouldn’t have potentially harsh ingredients. It should be free of gluten, dairy, and high-allergy nuts. Plus, you may not want any added synthetic fragrance in your product to ensure it is gentle and non-irritating.

Choosing a tinted facial sunscreen involves paying attention to the ingredients and ensuring it’s a good fit for you. A high-quality facial tinted sunscreen with nourishing, plant-based ingredients and mineral zinc will provide long-lasting, Hawaii-compliant sun protection you’ll feel good about putting onto your skin. So, sitting outside with your coffee, walking your kids to the school bus stop, or heading to work may require just one simple step for a fresh, well-protected complexion.