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3 EWG Verified™ Products Your Family Needs

You can learn a lot about the products you use on your skin, hair, and body because the information is easily accessible. Still, diving into all the categories to find high-quality products without potentially harsh ingredients can feel like sifting through the sand. If you need skin, hair, and body products for yourself and your family, you want to find safe and effective formulas with plenty of plant-based ingredients, and an EWG verification can help.

The Environmental Working Group’s EWG Verified™ mark denotes a product that does not contain ingredients with health, contamination, and ecotoxicity concerns. The product also meets the Environmental Working Group’s ingredient disclosure and safety standards. Scientists with years of experience testing skin, hair, and body products back this mark. It’s pretty safe to say that EWG Verified™ products are worth keeping in your home. You can find some of the essential, everyday products you need today.

Sunscreen That Is Hawaii-Compliant

You can now find sunscreen that is compliant with Hawaii regulations on banned ingredients in sunscreen on the Environmental Working Group’s list of EWG Verified™ products. It’s safe for your skin and free of the chemical sunscreen ingredients that have been banned in Hawaii and other coastal regions due to known harmful impacts on coral reefs. In addition to Hawaii-compliant mineral sun protection, look for pure, plant-based ingredients. Plant-based ingredients are the parts of nature with qualities that can help support your skin. In zinc sunscreen, ingredients like sunflower oil and shea butter can help moisturize your skin during the time you spend under the sun.

Body Wash with Sustainable Ingredients

If you want to focus on environmental impact, choose products with an EWG Verified™ mark and sustainable ingredients. Sustainable practices are crucial for popular plant-based ingredients, including eucalyptus oil and shea butter. They encourage healthy habitat maintenance, crop growth, and lower-waste harvesting. If you use a eucalyptus body wash, ensure it’s made with sustainably sourced eucalyptus oil to help efforts in maintaining and supporting animal habitats, and choose lotions with sustainable shea butter for lower-waste production practices.

Baby Products That Nourish Sensitive Skin

Your little one has sensitive skin, and you want to use safe, gentle products from their head to their toes. Finding baby and family-friendly products that are EWG Verified™ helps you feel confident that the formulas won’t have potentially harsh ingredients. You can browse the Environmental Working Group’s website for a full list of EWG Verified™ baby products, including mineral baby sunscreen, baby shampoo and wash, and diaper rash cream with plant-based ingredients that nourish and care for your baby’s sensitive skin.

EWG Verified™ products are safe and effective, free of potentially harsh ingredients and hidden fragrances. This allows you to make informed decisions about what you put on your and your family’s bodies. From your body wash to your little one’s baby products, look for products from a brand with pure, plant-based ingredients you feel comfortable using daily.