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Life can be quite an adventure! And for many families, having lice is an unwanted part of that adventure. The good news is that while head lice are a nuisance, they are not dangerous, don’t spread disease, and have no additional health consequences.

But even though lice aren’t a health risk, we have no doubt that you want to do what you can to keep them from becoming a guest in your home!

Whether you’re interested in preventing lice or already dealing with a case of it, stick around. Babo Botanicals has the scoop you need!

What Are Lice?

The short story is that lice are bugs. That’s right — they’re insects that happen to live in human hair and feed on human blood. Yuck!

Lice eggs — or nits, as they’re commonly called — need warmth from your body to incubate. The eggs attach to the hair near your scalp. And when those eggs hatch, the baby lice leave behind the egg casings.

Once they grow into adult lice, they are around the size of a sesame seed and are gray or white in color.

It’s not just that lice live on humans; it’s that they can’t live apart from the body heat and blood that they need. Adult lice can only live one or two days away from a warm body.

Now that you know more about these little creatures than you probably ever wanted to know, let’s look at what might cause you or your child to come down with lice.

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Causes Of Lice

Before we tell you what causes lice, it’s important to clarify what doesn’t cause lice!

Getting head lice is not related to demographics, hygiene, cleanliness or living conditions. That is a common misconception!

Another thing that doesn’t have to do with you or your kids getting lice? Your pets. The lice that live on human heads don’t live on your furry friends.

So, what does cause lice?

Lice are spread mainly through head-to-head contact, and they favor the soft scalps and baby-fine hairs of children. That’s why children are more likely to get lice than adults.

three kids laying in grass laughing

Lice are crawling creatures and do not jump, fly, or hop, which is why direct contact is mostly how they spread. But they could also find their way to your family through hats, pillowcases, and combs or brushes that a person with lice has used.

Symptoms Of Lice

If your scalp is already itching just reading this article, don’t get ahead of yourself! Finding out whether or not your family has lice is not a guessing game.

First of all, remember that lice are common in school-aged kids. In fact, an estimated 6 million to 12 million children per year experience lice infestations, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

But lice don’t discriminate! They can find a home in adults and kids alike. That said, there are two main ways to know if you or your kids have lice.

Seeing Lice

If someone has lice, you’ll actually be able to see the eggs, egg casings, and the adult lice on their scalp or clinging to the hair near their scalp. But lice are sneaky little things and can crawl quickly!

So, rather than just parting your child’s hair and taking a look, you can spot the bothersome bugs more easily if you use a lice comb.

Babo Botanicals’s Nit Free Lice Comb

Babo Botanicals’s Nit Free Lice Comb works great for this as well as for preventing and treating lice down the road. Get underneath and remove even the tiniest lice eggs with this comb's spiral micro-grooved teeth!

Our safe and effective comb is the number one lice comb used by Professional Lice Removal Services. With this comb, you’ll be able to find out if you or your child has lice in no time!


The other common sign of lice is an itchy scalp. More specifically, your child’s head might be itching right behind their ears or at the base of their neck.

Unfortunately, itching isn’t usually an immediate symptom. Sometimes it comes a few weeks after lice have taken up residence on a person’s head.

child itching head with lice

Treating Lice

As with most things, when it comes to lice, prevention is much better than treatment! No one wants to deal with trying to get rid of lice. Plus, the treatments are usually harsh and chemical-filled.

Here at Babo Botanicals, we’re passionate about caring for our families (and helping you care for yours!).

We like to do that with effective products that are natural and safe for you and the earth! So, it’s concerning to us that once kids do get lice, they’re usually treated with a medicine filled with chemicals.

At the end of this article, we’ll tell you about the essentials for preventing lice. But before we get to that, here are a few things you’ll need to know about treating them.


Lice treatment is applied directly to the scalp and hair. Some treatments are sold over the counter, while others are prescribed by your doctor.

Regardless, talk to your pediatrician before treating your child for lice, especially if your little one is two years old or younger.

doctor checking child for lice

There are several different types of lice treatment, and they differ a bit in how they’re used. Some are applied to wet hair, others to dry hair. Some stay on for just 10 minutes, while others need to sit for a full eight to 10 hours.

Most treatments will need to be repeated in a week or a week and a half.


Combing alone isn’t enough to get rid of lice. While a comb is helpful in combating lice, it has more to do with removing them after your child has been treated.

For the best results, combine treatment and combing with Lice Repel Shampoo, which is loaded with essential oils to make lice run for their lives. Those little bugs will have nothing on you!

Washing And Drying Hats And Pillowcases

As we mentioned, lice don’t live very long away from a human body, but it’s still a good idea to wash things once you find out someone in your family has lice. Spring cleaning, anyone?

Wash recently used sheets, towels, hats, and clothes in a hot-water cycle, and throw them in a hot dryer as well.

Checking The Whole Family

If you’ve discovered that one member of the family has lice, grab your Nit Free Lice Comb and check everyone. Your whole family won’t necessarily have them, but better safe than sorry!

Kid being checked for lice

Lice treatment is no joke. You’ll want to talk to your pediatrician before treating your kids, and make sure you use the treatment safely.

The best lice treatment is prevention!

Preventing Lice

Since prevention is key and Babo Botanicals wants to help you avoid harsh lice treatments, we’ve come up with a clinically proven lice preventative regimen!

We conducted clinical tests on the prevention system with a non-profit group in Florida called Lice Solutions Network and consulted with Kate Shepherd, one of the leading researchers on lice.

We worked together to come up with the most efficacious line on the market, clinically proven to be 95% effective.

Lice Repel Shampoo

Lice Repel Shampoo

Ward off lice with Lice Repel Shampoo. The scents of rosemary, tea tree, and mint smell great to us humans, but lice hate them!

Unlike harsh shampoos, our gentle botanical blend is non-irritating for daily use and purifies, smoothes, and softens hair and scalp. And it’s hypoallergenic for sensitive skin!

This lice shampoo is free from gluten, dairy, soy, and peanuts. Plus, like most Babo Botanicals products, it contains no sulfates, parabens, silicone, or synthetic fragrances!

During a lice outbreak at school or camp, use Lice Repel Shampoo daily. Lather up your child’s hair and leave the shampoo in for three to five minutes (or as long as they are playing in the bath!). Then rinse it out thoroughly.

Lice Repel & Prevent Conditioning Spray

Babo Botanicals’s Lice Repel & Prevent Conditioning Spray

Babo Botanicals’s Lice Repel & Prevent Conditioning Spray helps repel head lice while at the same time conditioning, detangling, and smoothing hair!

Like our Lice Repel Shampoo, it’s made with a powerful herbal blend of rosemary, tea tree, thyme, and mint. And it’s so easy to use!

Shake it well, then simply spray it on damp or dry hair and comb it through. It’s gentle enough to use multiple times daily and works for anyone in the family — not just the kids!

Say “No!” To Lice

three friends hugging

While having lice isn’t dangerous, it’s no fun for anyone. The best thing you can do for your family is to take steps to prevent lice before they even have the chance to strike!

Say a big “no!” to lice and armor up with a Lice Prevention Essentials Kit.

With a Nit Free Lice Comb, Lice Repel Shampoo, and Lice Repel & Prevent Conditioning Spray, you’ll be ready to do your best to keep your family lice-free!

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