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When you hear the words “manuka oil benefits,” your brain may go to many places. First, you likely think of honey. Second, you might be wondering, “Wait. What is Manuka oil?”

Babo Botanicals is here to let you know the skinny on what Manuka oil is, where it’s sourced, and why it’s one of the best ingredients to incorporate into your skin and hair routine.

What Is Manuka Oil?


Manuka oil is one of the most naturally moisturizing and antimicrobial ingredients on the market. It originally comes from Manuka honey, which is sourced from the New Zealand plant of the same name.

Although Manuka honey is often cited as a superfood and natural wound-healer, it hasn’t been around for long!

Once European bees began interacting with the native Manuka plant in New Zealand, the honey they produced had a stronger pH, higher level of antimicrobial resistance, and more accelerated wound healing.

Manuka oil is derived from the whole Manuka honey product. It is an ultra-concentrated plant essential oil that delivers the same Manuka benefits you know and love — but even more potent!

We source our Manuka oil from a family-owned farm in New Zealand to ensure we are infusing only the best ingredients into the products you’re using on your skin, nails, and hair.

Manuka oil doesn’t just benefit you, either. Manuka plantations in the Southern New Zealand region help reforest replenished areas and provide support to native Maori landowners. Our products are good for you!

Manuka Oil Benefits


1) Reduces Acne, Scars, And Burns

One of the things Manuka oil is most famous for is its capacity for wound-healing. Many people who suffer from cystic, hormonal acne swear by its antimicrobial properties for wiping away their redness, dry patches, or oily pores!

Manuka oil has been scientifically shown to have even more antibacterial properties than tea tree oil. It’s also shown to be effectively relaxing, which means you’ll be soothing your skin while soothing your mind, too.

The potency of its antimicrobial properties is what makes this oil such a superstar at healing all skin conditions, from burns and scars to painful skin disorders like eczema. It can help clear infections from scrapes or cuts, too.

2) Soothes Hair, Skin, And Nails

Manuka oil benefits don’t stop at alleviating inflammation and wound-healing. It not only helps your skin heal, but it makes it feel and look better, too!

Manuka oil has substantial soothing benefits to the senses and the skin. For example, applying Manuka oil to your dry, itchy scalp can mitigate some of the irritation.

Just be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil — this stuff is strong! Too much can have the opposite intended effect and irritate your skin.

But overall, we know Manuka oil benefits are something you’re going to want to incorporate into your lifestyle. That’s why we include it in our products, namely our Lavender Dream Plant-Based Hand Soap.

Lavender Hand Soap

This is the silky, rich soap you’ve been looking for to cleanse your skin and leave it enriched with moisture. We mean it when we say this soap is dreamy!

Our hand soap is infused with Organic Argan Oil and rich shea butter for soothing hydration. Olive oil and Aloe Vera help keep skin nourished and irritation-free, while our Manuka essential oil –– the lady of the hour! –– offers natural antibacterial benefits and a silky-smooth finish.

3) Acts As A Natural Deodorant 

What’s that smell? Well, if it’s wonderfully floral, light, and sweet, the answer is: Manuka oil!

With the extra metals and chemicals that are used in modern-day deodorants, many people are opting for a more natural approach to tackling their body odor. We hear them!

Manuka oil can be a great tool to add to your belt for those occasions when you need a little bit of extra protection.

Part of why Manuka oil is such a great addition for eliminating body odor is its antibacterial properties we mentioned earlier. Sweat alone is actually scentless — it’s the bacteria on your body that feeds on sweat and releases odor.

The best way to help prevent that unwanted smell is by applying Manuka oil to your skin every day. Manuka oil diluted to .03 - .05% is a great place to start, just to ensure that your skin isn’t irritated by its potent powers.

You can also add the oil to your body wash or soak it up in a luxurious bubble bath. Really any method you prefer will help infuse this oil into your skin. Then watch (or sniff) as the magic happens!

4) Can Be Used As A Natural Herbicide And Pesticide

Manuka oil benefits don’t stop with your skin. It’s great for use in and around your home, too!

A study has shown that Manuka oil can be beneficial for weed management, making it a way better option for the health of your body and garden than traditional chemical pesticides.

With all the negative impact weeds and bugs can have on small-batch crops or even your little vegetable patch, we highly recommend incorporating a small amount of Manuka oil into the soil of your garden.

Its soil persistence makes it even better! It’s one of the best emerging natural herbicides on the market. Manuka oil contains beta-triketones, which help specifically target the same plant enzymes as the traditional commercial pesticides that have negative effects on your health.

5) Disinfects Surfaces

Believe it or not, Manuka oil makes a really great disinfectant for the surfaces around your house. Whether it’s spills or dust, Manuka oil can add that extra punch to your cleaning routine.

Like with the other benefits we mentioned, Manuka oil’s antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal make-up is the backbone of its cleaning ability.

Compared to common household cleaners that are linked with the development of cancer, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, and more, Manuka oil offers a safe and effective option for people looking for an alternative that doesn’t sacrifice potency!

Simply fill an empty spray bottle with white distilled vinegar and several spoonfuls of Manuka oil. This powerful concoction can be used to scrub off accumulated soap scum in the shower or at the bottom of the sink.

For a more gentle version to use on your sink or other surfaces, replace half of the vinegar with warm water and spray away! Wipe it away with a soft, clean cloth.

6) Great For Aromatherapy

Manuka oil is as good for you on the inside as it is on the outside. It’s been shown to help alleviate stress and pain and soothe your mood.

You can diffuse Manuka oil on its own or with a combination of other oils for a floral, comforting scent to help you relax and unwind.

Diffuse Manuka oil like a traditional essential oil, or combine it in a spray bottle with some warm water and use it as an air freshener. It’ll help disperse the scent and bring you some peace of mind.

How To Get The Best Manuka Oil Benefits

We always recommend keeping your Manuka oil stored in a dry, cool place where it won’t interact with other contaminants. It also needs to be kept sterile, especially if you’ll be using it directly on your skin.

Additionally, Manuka oil always needs to be diluted before use. Essential oils are basically supercharged versions of their whole counterparts. Using them like normal ingredients will cause skin irritation!

That said, always use a non-comedogenic carrier oil, like grapeseed oil, before applying Manuka oil to your skin. When using it around your house, be sure to mix it with water or vinegar. There are many ways you can use this oil, but never as a sole concentrate!

Manuka Oil Is Amazing For (Basically) Everything

An ingredient with such amazing antimicrobial, soothing, and nourishing benefits can be a great addition to your everyday life.

We wholeheartedly recommend exploring all the ways Manuka oil can benefit you — and we think our all-natural hand soaps aren’t a bad place to start!