Babo's Story


My father, a beekeeper, shared his skill and love for bees early on. My passion for beekeeping and sustainable agriculture only strengthened as I got older, and after graduating from Harvard, I joined the Peace Corps, where I had the opportunity to share my knowledge of beekeeping with women in rural Paraguay as a means of financial and nutritional support for their families. Besides teaching families how to harvest and sell their delicious product, I also explained the value of nutrition. I taught them how to grow new kinds of vegetables in their own garden patches. The young women learned to cook recipes incorporating vegetables they had never tasted before like zucchini and spinach, rich in iron and vitamins. Educating children and teenagers about nutrition linked to the satisfaction of gardening became my prime focus, and this passion has continued to grow.

Kate Teaching Her Child Bee Keeping 

On returning to the US, I embarked on a career as a hair and skincare product developer for brands including L'Oreal, LVMH, Avon, and Redken. When I got pregnant with my first child, I went in search of a line of products that both stood up to my professional standards and felt safe and natural enough for my new baby. I found that most baby and children's products did not address particular hair and skin problems like adult products do. Also, more children today have allergies so I wanted to create a line formulated with very clean, natural ingredients. My entrepreneurial spirit took over, and Babo Botanicals began. I named the company after my little boy's security bunny, Babo. I loved how safe and comforted he felt with Babo in his arms, and I wanted parents to feel that security and comfort with our products. 

 Formulating Babo Products!

Although I originally created the products with babies and children in mind, the products perform so well that Babo is quickly becoming a family brand, providing products that babies, children, teenagers, and adults all love. The brand has grown, but at its heart it will always be a small, family company.

Babo Botanicals is a perfect marriage of my professional expertise and my passion for sustainable agriculture. I feel so fortunate to get work every day with products I love and believe in, and it's my greatest joy to share it with other families. My mission is to provide the highest quality, purest family hair and skincare products, and Babo is entering its 8th year of fulfilling that mission.


With Her Family At Her Step Daughter's Wedding



At Babo, Family Comes First, Naturally.

When Kate's son, Rush, was little, his constant companion was a sweet, floppy-eared stuffed bunny he called Babo. Like so many kids and their "loveys," Rush always felt soothed, comforted, and secure when Babo was at his side.


“One day I was watching my son carrying around his stuffed 'security' bunny. He was calling it “babo.” That was my “aha moment.” There was babo – comforting, safe and soothing. My son had given me a name and a mission. I had the product. The company was born and the rest is history! "

– Kate Solomon, Founder of Babo Botanicals