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Why I love August

Posted on August 08 2013

We named our 3rd child Solzy August because we love this month so much.  I love the tradition of doing the same activities each summer and reliving my childhood through their eyes. At times I find it hard to believe I am not that young child carelessly running through poison ivy or collecting seashells at the beach. It all seems like yesterday to me.  I do feel fortunate that I now get to treat the poison ivy and take pleasure in all the children’s giggling that summer brings out.

Each year we visit the oldest carousel in the US, called The Flying Horses.   This year, I taught my 6 year old how to bee keep. This was extremely exciting for me because it was around the same I in which I became interested in it.

My daughter is very interested in baking and cooking and loves to watch the chocolate artisans make her chocolate covered blueberries in a little factory near us. We had a great day roaming the farmers market choosing all the fresh berries that we would make into a crisp.

August is the time when I can take a deep breath. No chasing kids to do homework or having to be on time for school events.  I feel no expectations other than working hard and making sure the kids are having fun. I feel only one anxiety – constant sun protection and conducting icky tick checks at the end of each day because the kids live outside. My role is to ensure safety and health and fun of course for the kids!



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