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Why I chose to produce Babo on an Organic Farm

Posted on January 30 2010

When I thought about how I wanted to develop and produce Babo Botanicals, a few concepts kept coming to mind: authenticity, sustainability and organic farming. I am passionate about greenmarkets – I just love the idea that locally grown organic foods can be made available to urban dwellers. Living in New York City,

I depend on these greenmarkets so that I am sure to get quality and safe produce for my family. Along that line of thinking, I sought out a local, family oriented and environmentally friendly place to develop Babo products (quite the contrast from the days of working with giant cosmetic companies). I found an amazing farm in Upstate New York whose values and ethics seemed exactly like my own.

The farm is comprised of a larger community – where they manufacture herbal remedies and take pride in researching and developing them. The botanist who I have been working with has just perfected a burn treatment made from St. Johns Wort. He felt there was nothing out on the market that helped heal burns quickly, so he developed his own.

The products are manufactured right in the red barn (really!); they have a team of top botanists who have been working with herbal remedies for over 25 years. Their lab is not the normal stainless steel laboratory with white-coated technicians we probably all picture, but rather a country clean room that looks like a greenhouse where plants and vegetation are distilled and brewed to create high quality products in a natural, homemade way. Since products are made in an immaculate and sterile barn, the batches are small –– so they are easier to control in terms of quality and safety.

I worked with revered botanists, David, Andre and Jonah for over two years to perfect each and every one of the Babo formulas. We all used them on our infants and kids to ensure they were effective and gentle. I also gave the products out to all my mommy friends to use on their children.

I love visiting here. I love the simple nature of the place – they have a café where all of the employees eat every meal together, every day – with fresh food they grow right there on the farm. And, they are committed to using the highest quality, fair trade ingredients, which is very important to me. They are here to make lives better – that is their livelihood. The team values the earth and helping others. As a former Agricultural Peace Corps volunteer, I, too, am committed to advocating best farming practices and using natural ingredients.


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