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Everything you need to know about this surprisingly versatile plant-based ingredient. 

 What exactly is Vegetable Glycerin 


A natural triglyceride that is produced by various plant oils like sustainable palm or coconut oil.  It can be found in many different products and helps to attract and retain moisture.  It can also be found in food products and acts as a sweetener or sugar substitute that does not cause too decay.  That’s to all — this versatile triglyceride can also be found in pharmaceutical substances like laxatives and suppositories to relieve constipation. 

Why is Vegetable Glycerin Important? 


Glycerin is a substance that can seal in moisture on the top layer of your skin which leaves your skin hydrated. It has a smoothing and softening effect on the skin when used in skincare and is known to help shield the skin from irritants.  And, has anti-aging properties as well! 


Key Benefits 

  • Soothes and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and healthy 
  • A natural healer and skin protectant 
  • Encourages the growth of new skin cells and creates a natural barrier to help keep irritants from harming your skin. 
  • Helps to keep pores unclogged and reduces acne and acne scars 
  • Can soothe sunburned skin 
  • Beneficial to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 
  • When used in hair, can help to moisturize hair follicles and produce your hair with lustrous shine.