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Travel Tips for 3 children 5 years and younger!

Posted on March 19 2013

February vacation is next week. This afternoon, I will begin the packing for a week- long ski trip. We will be staying in Snowmass, Colorado, which is an incredible family destination all year long.

But I’ve never met a parent that says traveling with kids is high on their list of enjoyment. It is often stressful and can end up being uncontrollable (I mean up in the air with 3 kids with no where to go and unrelenting co-travelers staring you down is not fun!)

We never check our luggage. With 3 kids, I don’t like arriving early at the airport and the kids are super impatient to collect the luggage by the time we arrive. Also, it’s always risky that the bag won’t show up in the same airport we do!

Before the trip, I place my order with for my son’s diapers, wipes, laundry detergent and any other essentials and get it delivered to the hotel.

I always print out boarding passes the night before so we can zoom right in.

We have 3 roll on suitcases between me and my husband. We tend to pack super light and just do a lot of clothes washing when there. We use our suitcases as strollers – each child sits on top of one and we are able to roll them around the airport. They love it too!

So, here are my essentials we bring for 3 kids (ages 5, 4 and 20 months)

For the plane:

The 4 and 5 year old carry their own Nap Sacks. Each includes:

  • 2 Coloring books & Crayola markers
  • Annie’s animal crackers
  • Whole Foods Pretzels
  • Cut up Apple in a zip lock bag
  • $1.50 so they can buy something at the gift store in the airport
  • Itouch (bought 2nd hand (refurbished) from apple website)
  • Ear Phones from Amazon. We buy them cheap because they break.
  • The Alphabet book by Steven Martin (they each have one or they will argue who gets to hold it)
  • Leap Frog electronic letter game
  • An extra shirt, pants and underwear (something always gets spilled)!
  • A few wipes in a zip lock bag
  • My kids snuggle toys (both are bunnies)

My carry on bag includes

  • Wipes
  • 3 diapers
  • More snacks
  • Computer & Cords (my 20 month year old loves to play with cords)
  • Crackers
  • 2 Born Free no spill bottles
  • A folder with all boarding passes & hotel info
  • Iphone for more entertainment for kids (they love looking at photos!)
  • 2oz. babo moisturizing lotion (my hands get really dry in the air)
  • My wallet (hopefully)!!

The hardest part is, of course, keeping the 20-month old occupied. He is a lap baby which means no seat for him other than my lap. We’ll get a lot of plastic cups from the stewardess and play with them. Other than that, we hope he sleeps so no naps before takeoff is KEY!

Patience is not merely a virtue. It’s a parent’s necessity.


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