When I was growing up, I kept bees with my dad in Connecticut. Later in life, I went to the Peace Corps and taught bee keeping in Paraguay to rural farmers. I have always had a deep passion for bee keeping for a number of reasons.

They are fascinating creatures. They communicate by dance, they produce honey and they are led by a queen bee!

It¹s a sure sign of spring and summer when the bees start bring deliver lots of pollen & nectar.

Harvesting honey was the best bonding experience with my family. We would all come together for that glorious day …. and the aroma of honey melting would fill our kitchen for days.

There are so many awesome bee by-products you can make – Lotion, Soaps and Creams.

I¹m starting to teach my kids now about bee keeping!
I hope that they too enjoy this hobby as much as I have and get to have many life experiences around it.