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Safer, Worry Free Bubble Baths

Posted on October 02 2013

Many parents ask today, “Are bubble baths safe for babies and small children?” It is a question I always get because in the old days, pediatricians would recommend that young children not take bubble baths. Think of all the fun they were missing back then! The reason was that harsh chemicals could aggravate a child’s skin and cause irritations. Bubble baths could be linked to causing urinary tract infections in girls. According to a report released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, many of the children’s bath products on the market have chemicals that have been linked to both cancer and skin allergies. Children soaking in huge synthetic bubbles, stripping of their natural oils and causing rougher skin would definitely deter me. And case in point, many manufacturers decreased the synthetic material so it would be less likely to occur. Today, with natural alternatives, the skin can be preserved and even protected at the same time.

Now that fall is here and winter is in the near distance, bubble baths are a great time to start soothing and comforting dry skin. Children’s skin is much thinner than adults and therefore, gets drier much easier as water quickly escapes it. I love taking baths with my children – and I love a safe, natural bubble which leaves our skin soft rather than dry! There are many bubble baths that do not strip the skin (do not contain sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance) and rather use a natural base of plants that clean but do not strip skin. Of course, you won’t get the huge Mr. Bubbles bubbles, but you’ll get enough that your child will have fun in the bath.

Another perk, is lavender is found in several natural bubble baths and is known to relax and calm a child. Confirmed by a Wall Street Journal article in August, 2010, Lavender has been proven to aid better sleep and a greater state of relaxation. Studies confirm that using Lavender products as a part of bedtime rituals greatly enhances an infant’s sleep, giving parent’s everywhere a helping hand! And the warmth of the bath certainly helps as well!

Now if you are really looking for an ingredient that moisturizes and soothes dry skin and eczema, look no further than colloidal oat and calendula. Two ingredients known to have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and soothe itchy, dry skin. Again, several brands make great, non-stripping bubble baths that contain these ingredients and make for the ultimate moisturizing bubbles.

So let’s have a comfortable, bubbly winter and make bath time a sacred part of a child’s day. If your child is pre-disposed to urinary tract infections or yeast infections, burning and other issues, it’s probably best to bypass the bubble bath. There are many safe bath toys that are out there! My 2-year old’s favorite? An empty bottle of shampoo that he can repeatedly fill and pour out with water!


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