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Posted on February 15 2013

A recent article appeared in Marie Claire Magazine on how baby products can be used as effective anti-aging tactics. The Article’s title is “No More Tears, No More Wrinkles.” The author states that after using Babo’s Moisturizing Baby Shampoo & Wash infused with Oatmilk and Calendula, her skin was “smooth and dewy” versus “dry and tight.”

Celebrity Dermatolosit, Dr. Ellen Marmur says that baby products are huge for her clientele. Many of her clients come to her after being brutalized by the expensive over the counter treatments like glycolic acid peels and need an effective cleanser for very, very sensitive skin. “Free radicals, stress and inflammation cause aging, “ Marmur explains. “Using too many products strips the skin of its natural oils, causing breaks, cracks and infections. The look is wrinkled, rougher, swollen and beaten up.”

Baby products are “fantastically soothing and moisturizing, the oft-overlooked key to looking younger.”

Babo Botanical products are amazing formulas at keeping hair and skin super baby soft and baby looking. Thank you Marie Claire Magazine for pointing this out to everyone else!


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