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Posted on May 08 2011

Happy Mother’s Day! I want to pay tribute to the fabulous team of moms I work with, that make Babo’s engine go. What a delight to be able to work with exceptional women who do a majority of work in the early morning or late night (post & pre bedtime) – and I thank each and every one of them for their dedication, commitment, good humor, and support.

Designer: Kristine Makin

Kristine is the very best designer I have ever worked with. She has been with me from the very start, and I actually worked with her at L’Oreal. She’s imaginative and diligent. She can turn words into beautiful design concepts instantly. Kristine has done all my packaging (the bunny for sure!) from the very beginning. I’ve never worked with someone so talented before – and I owe her everything for helping me execute the brand vision. She has a daughter Olivia, and one on the way!

Favorite Babo Product: I use the Oatmilk Calendula Shampoo & Wash because Olivia has very sensitive skin and can develop patches of eczema. The shampoo (and lotion) are so hypo-allergenic that her skin is glowingly healthy right now. Plus, I too am using it all the time because I’m pregnant.

Public Relations: Hilary Bowers

Since 2011, Hilary Bowers has helped put Babo in the hands of many great magazines and publications. She is tireless when it comes to PR, and her firm are pros at creating a story or an event that will work within a market. Hilary has little 1 ½ year-old Eloise and one more on the way (due in September). And she still wears stilettos!

Favorite Babo Product: Oatmilk Calendula lotion. I use it on Eloise and myself as well! I love the natural fragrance that leaves our skin so smooth. What fun to share the same lotion as my little girl.

Customer Service: Sharon Macwan

Sharon manages customer service (along with Jodie). Thank you for staying so close to the customers and ensuring that everyone is well taken care of and happy. As the company has grown, I’ve been able to do less of this personally – and it was my favorite part. But I have two wonderful gals in place to take up the reins. Sharon’s little girl, Elisabeth was her Mother’s Day gift six years ago! Born May, 7th

Favorite Babo Product: Lavender Meadowsweet Calming Lotion. My daughter and I both use it. We love the fragrance and the beautiful way the skin feels afterwards. Best Lotion we’ve ever used.

Account Payable: Angela Sweeney

Angela handles all Babo’s accounting and accounts payable. Thank goodness for Angela – her competence allows me not to have to scrutinize Quickbooks as I used to and go to the bank daily. You can imagine as an entrepreneur I have to track every penny that I spend – and she tells me what I can afford and when. Thanks Angela for keeping my books so clean and accurate! Angela has a superstar son Michael, 25, and an adorable daughter Philomena, aged 4.

Favorite Babo Product: Philomena loves Lavender Meadowsweet Bubble Bath. She adores the smell (as do I!) and the bubbles are great.

Education Director: Tonya Therrmann

Tonya manages a team of educators throughout the US who help teach and train retailers on Babo. Education is a key part of having a brand, because if the staff at stores don’t know the benefits, it’s hard to recommend the product. Tonya ensures that sales people are given samples and understand the complete usage of each product. Tonya has a 3 year -old named Alma – a great soccer player and artist!

Favorite Babo Product: Berry Primrose & Cucumber Aloe Vera Detanglers. We love the way the hair is left shiny and smooth. Cucumber we use all summer long and my daughter’s hair stays so healthy!

Education and Selling Specialist: Kim Caluori-Wall

Guess who the mom is in this photo? Hard to tell with stylish Kim Wall and her 15 year old daughter, Asia!

Kim in one of Babo’s selling and education specialist. She works tirelessly in the Florida region (but grew up in one of my favorite states, Montana). She is always enthusiastic and so hardworking. Thanks Kim!

And I just had to put a picture of me and my Kids – actually on the go as we combine a vacation with babo selling!


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