On mother’s day, I worked at C.O. Bigelow talking to moms and dads about Babo, babies and NY life. I love spending a few hours there because everyone is so interesting who comes through the doors. The sales staff is also incredibly impressive and dedicated. Some of the sales consultants have been there over 10 years! C.O Bigelows is my favorite place in NYC to shop for beauty products. They have such a rich, exclusive and eclectic assortment of brands. This NY institution has been around since 1838, is the oldest apothecary in America and Ian is the 3rd generation to run it. It’s located in the West Village and frequented by many celebrities – my last celebrity siting was Marisa Tomei which was last week. I’m so happy that Bigelows continues to support Babo. We have a nice spring window with Babo the Bunny swimming and of course using Babo’s swim/sport line for ultimate swim and sun protection!