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Last week we were at the largest natural trade show. We had a wonderful babo booth and all our fabulous babo babes showing customers are great products.

But the highlight for me was meeting all the incredible business founders from the best brands ever!

Who was there?

Here is a picture of Badger Balm’s founder, Bill and his wife, Stephanie. I have admired Bill’s New Hampshire business for almost 20 years now! Bill is also a bee keeper (I have visited his hive in NH when I visited him 2 years ago). He’s become a great friend and mentor. http://www.badgerbalm.com

Here is a now very famous entrepreneur. Chobani’s founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, He only started the Greek yoghurt company in 2005 and look where it has gone! And did you know Chopani means “Shepherd” in Mediterranean languages and is a symbol of giving without receiving. The story of Chobani is amazing. Check it out! http://chobani.com/goreal/

Here is Victoria from Good Boy Organics (another Upstate NY company). Victoria recently launched a gluten-free, GMO free snack line for kids. She is a huge fan of Babo for her daughter and actually stopped by our booth. Then, I went to hers to get lots of goodies to bring home to my kids (I ended up eating 2 bags of chips myself). http://www.goodboyorganics.com

Autumn Harp created TheraNeem, a line that contains therapeutic neem. Neem is a natural ingredient that helps promote healthy hair and scalp. Her company was acquired by Neutraceudicals because so healthy! http://www.amazon.com/TheraNeem-Gentle-Therape-Shampoo-Liquid/dp/B00020DY2O

And Here is our lovely Babo booth. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Natural Trade Show, it’s the best!