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Important Article on Reef Safety from the New York Times

Posted on August 23 2017

Please click below to read this important article on sunscreen and reef safety from The New York Times. 


Are Babo Botanicals Sunscreens Reef Safe and/or Reef Friendly?

There are no actual 'Reef Safe' tests, nor are there any official 'Reef Safe' certifications, for sunscreens or any other products. We believe our sunscreens do not have a negative impact on coral reefs for a few reasons:

  • Babo Botanicals sunscreens do not contain any of the ingredients shown to harm coral and most are water resistant.
  • The only active ingredients in our sunscreens is the mineral zinc oxide (non-nano) and titanium dioxide. Zinc Oxide has been used in skin care for thousands of years and is the same ingredient used in diaper creams, calamine lotion, and toothpastes. Unlike oxybenzone and other sunscreen ingredients there is no evidence that zinc oxide harms coral. It is a powdered mineral that will not dissolve in seawater and instead will eventually settle to the seafloor, like silt, and become buried in the sediment. 
  • The inactive ingredients of our water resistant sunscreens are mostly plant oils, beeswax, and vitamins. These are all biodegradable and safe for any environment or ecosystem.




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