This past weekend, my family and I harvested 200 pounds of honey. This came from 4 hives.

We harvest once a year. It is the most glorious day for so many reasons.

  1. We spend the day as a family – feeling so productive!
  2. The intoxicating smell of warm honey combined with beeswax
  3. We harvest the most succulent, full bodied honey that we enjoy year long

I was raised bee-keeping. Even if one family member isn’t responsible for the upkeep all year long – this day brings everyone into the fold.

I’m removing the cap of the honey comb with a very hot knife

My dad and Claudia spinning the honey out in a centrifuge

Taking a jug of honey and putting into pitchers to pour into our bottles

My son licking the sweet honey right off the comb

My daughter lining up the bottles to fill and then filled!

All the different labels and jars we’ve had throughout the years

The beautiful garden where bees get their nectar and pollen