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Helmets, Goggles, Sunscreen. Protection on the Slopes.

Posted on January 15 2016

Many people may be headed to ski this this winter. Skiing sunburn is very common and as dangerous or more so than a beach sunburn.  According to the British Skin Foundation, the amount of UV Rays increases 5% for every 1000 feet above sea level.  And, water and ice are powerful reflectors of UV Radiation so you are exposed to increased radiation intensity being high up and on ice.

It is important to apply sunscreen frequently with broad spectrum SPF. Zinc is the most effective ingredient because UV rays reflect and dissipate right off of the skin.  It is also completely naturally derived.

When protecting your face, it is also important not to forget your lips. Sun burned lips can lead to irritation and cold sores. (not to mention sun damage). Zinc is also the most effective sunscreen ingredient for a lip product.

Furthermore, Zinc protects against the wind and cold so is an effective moisturizing barrier. It locks the cold moisture out (my husband applies zinc based diaper cream to his face!).

Even with children wearing helmets today, there are times when they remove them (lunch or snack), so don’t forget to apply all over the face before putting on their helmets.

Sunsticks are a great accessory to ski with. They are super convenient to carry in your pocket. Even a sunstick can be used as a lip product as well.


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