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Every parent wants to keep their baby safe and comfortable. You consider everything, from diaper rash cream to baby shampoo to the stuffed animals you give them for snuggles. At Babo Botanicals, they know that caring for a baby takes a lot of love and thought. The brand, named after a child’s own little lovey, formulates nourishing, gentle products that are safe for sensitive little faces and bodies. Here are some of the products from the Sensitive Baby collection that will make everyday life with your little one much more comfortable for everyone.


Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Wash

One of the best-selling baby products from Babo Botanicals is the Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Shampoo and Wash. This baby shampoo is the perfect addition to bath time routines, with its nourishing, plant-based ingredients, like soothing oat, shea, and cocoa butters. It gets the perfect lather every time for bath time fun that’s safe and gentle while effectively cleansing your little one’s sensitive skin. It’s a two-in-one formula, so you can wash that tiny tuft of hair (or full head of curls) without switching products.

Sensitive Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

When it’s time to bring your baby outside, take Babo Botanicals with you. Their Sensitive Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 is an ideal baby sunscreen with 100% mineral zinc and other gentle, plant-based ingredients, including sunflower oil, calendula, coconut oil, and shea butter. As an oxybenzone-free sunscreen, the formula is Hawaii-compliant. So, let your little one have fun in the sun, running through sprinklers, playing at the park, and connecting with nature whenever they have a chance.


Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Miracle Cream

Babo Botanicals created your baby’s first face cream to help their skin feel comforted and soothed. Another fragrance-free formula from Babo Botanicals, the Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Miracle Cream is suitable for daily use, even on sensitive skin that feels dry and uncomfortable. It’s perfect for little drooly chins, dry spots under drippy noses, and cheeks accustomed to running around outside in dry weather. Pediatrician-tested and approved, you and your baby will love how this product makes their skin feel soft, comfortable, and smooth.


Your baby is precious. You want to put as much love and care into their skin, body, and hair care routines as possible. That’s why you choose Babo Botanicals. They provide high-quality skin, hair, and sun care products, like their sensitive baby wash you can use every day to gently and effectively care for and protect their young skin. Your baby is new to the world, and now is the time to start nurturing their love for nature and plant-based ingredients with Babo Botanicals.