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From Barn To Bath

Posted on March 22 2010

How exciting after two years to see Babo Botanicals come to market. My children went with me to the farm to help fill the bottles and package them (or rather my kids watched me work and played with the other children on the farm). In the country it was a winter wonderland – lots of snow and ice-skating, a welcome break from city streets and sidewalks.


Upstate to the farm we went, got the bottles filled, and transported the products back to where we live downtown in New York City. Now I have to switch gears from creator and product developer to sales (and sales is something that does not come naturally to me). But, in this case, I am educating and speaking passionately about a product I so believe in.


I am hiring a band of part-time moms as a sales force. They can speak authentically about the products and the need for them. It also allows these women to have a balance between work and home – but still grants them flexibility. This is what I hope this brand offers women & moms – comfort, security and confidence. I’ll write a blog soon on my mom sales team because they are all so interesting!


We’ve been selling the products into some sophisticated salon accounts. Never before has a children’s brand been sold into a high-end adult salon. Working in the hair care industry for over ten years, I always knew that I wanted my products to be offered in salons. I love the creative energy of stylists. I admire the passion and family feeling that stylists and salon owners possess. It seemed as if a family brand like Babo Botanicals belongs in a family environment. The goal of stylists is to make their clients happy, healthy, and feeling good. These are the values I also care about for the youngest members of the family.


I am proud to be working with Dop Dop in Soho, NYC. Jo Blackwell, one of the most renown colorists and salon owners in New York City, if not in the United States, is also a mother. She immediately saw the value in Babo Botanicals, knowing that her clientele of moms would gravitate towards a natural brand for their children.

I just visited another great salon, Salon Shahim in Stamford, Connecticut.  They were doing a charity event for St. Judes Hospital so I went up there to help support the cause. I was so impressed by their gracious salon with a downstairs spa area.


So mothers out there – join the babo force! If you need part-time work and want to sell babo to salon or apothecary accounts, please send me an email at!




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