I had a great time at the Babo Botanicals-sponsored Farm in the City Fair at the 14th Street Y on May 23. Everyone who attended had lots of fun with the on-site carnival games and potato sack races. There was delicious food and snacks at a farm stand. Some participants tried face painting and arts and crafts.

I felt lucky to be a part of an event that brought our friends in New York City together at a neighborhood community center where they could have fun and experience a bit of farm life. I am very passionate about Babo Botanicals being an active participant in bringing people in the area together through good food and nutrition, natural products, and increased community involvement.     

I continue to be very excited about many efforts by schools and community centers to improve the quality of food and education around community agriculture and involvement. Some of these organizations are doing great projects to improve agriculture in the city, such as beginning to turn their roofs into micro- agricultural sites so that children can learn to grow their own vegetables.

In addition to Babo’s involvement with two community centers which are part of The Educational Alliance, an outstanding non-profit in downtown New York City, I hope to contribute to more community events in the future, like Farm in the City. I will keep you posted on future community activities and programs.