My first job out of the Peace Corps was working in fragrances and perfumes at Avon Products where I was an Assistant Manager. I helped developed fragrances for the global market and developed a nose as they say, smelling and evaluating fragrances. I got to work with huge fragrance companies like Robertet, IFF and Firmenich to help choose the fragrance that would bring these companies millions  of dollars in revenue. The global market loved fragrances. It was their #1 selling cosmetic. I went on later to work on Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors fragrances but honestly, always had allergic reactions to them all.

So how do you develop a perfume? Fragrance companies submit a fragrance based on a concept. So, let¹s say you want to make a fragrance called Marilyn Monroe, you would probably want it to be a sexy, sultry and sophisticated blend.  After briefing a fragrance supplying company, they would send a submission based on that description. If you like it, you take it. If you like parts of it, you tweak it. If you hate it, you reject it. Sometimes 100 submissions are sent and reviewed and rejected.

The same goes with babo; however our fragrances are NOT synthetic. They are essential oil blends, so they contin medicinal, holistic and aromatherapeutic characteristics. Synthetic fragrances are considered
to be one of top five known allergens. Phthalates and DEPs (diethyl phthalate) is used in many fragrances. It has been considered to be a hormone disrupter. Therefore, using an essential oil blend is safer and healthier particularly for newborn, delicate or sensitive skin.

Our essential oils create a natural scent. Our oatmilk calendula line contains essences from vanilla, cedarwood and patchouli. Our Swim & Sport line contains apple flavor with some lime and mandarin. Our Lavender Meadowsweet has hints of melon in it!

I so enjoy the process of working on natural fragrances and knowing that what I put on my and my children¹s body is almost from the original natural form.