An exciting day to see our beautiful Babo Botanicals labels produced at last. My graphic designer – a new mom, Kristine Makin, and I have been working on the design of these labels for a year – perfecting the color and copy. Today, I went on press at a company called Logotech to make sure that all the colors printed correctly. This is when you know your line is actually going to launch!

I chose Logotech to produce the Babo labels for a few reasons. First, they are partners in the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Program. They purchase Renewable Energy Certificates to purchase sustainable power. And of course, they use non-solvent dyes and recyclable labels, and the company is making every effort to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

Logotech is also excellent in producing design detail. Many people ask how my designer and I came up with the bunny and logo? Bunnies and bees have always been dear to my heart. I had a bunch of bunnies growing up, and I am a bee keeper. My son’s and daughter’s bedtime “security” animals are organic bunnies that they snuggle with every night. I wanted a design for my children’s brand that would not only incorporate these animals, looked simple but also moms and kids would both enjoy. I wanted colors to pop off the shelf and be soft and comforting for any parent using the product.

The labeling print team was great – Robert Beagman helped me manage this project from start to finish. And Ostop (yes, that is his name) did the mixing and set up of the printing press. It took a full day to match the colors correctly and get the gradation right. The blue was the hardest color to set because the shade came out too dark, and we were unable to read the packaging copy. We had to lighten it up several times.

Nothing is more rewarding to see the labels being knocked out on the line. At the end, you actually get to walk away with sheets and sheets of your design. Next, the labels will be sent to the organic farm (where the product formulas are developed) for the product to be filled (in a future blog I’ll give you the behind the scenes story on our packaging) and the labels adhered to the bottles.

And then we are ready to ship!

Kate Solomon