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Taking a trip to the beach sounds like a good idea until it comes time to pack. Having a beach packing list helps you stay on track and organized so you can fully enjoy your time of fun in the sun! 

Here, we’ll give you a complete beach packing list for your family, plus eight easy tips to keep in mind when you finally make the trek!

Beach Packing List For Families 

Kids hugging on the beach

Clothing Essentials  


Above all other clothing essentials, your swimsuit is a top priority! Before you head out the door, make sure everyone has a swimsuit packed and ready to go (if it’s not on already!). 

Swimsuit Coverup

Because you’re most likely walking to the beach or doing some sort of walking, it’s always a good idea to throw on a coverup. It will help keep some of your skin protected from the sun during your walk. 

T-Shirt And Shorts For Kids 

Being the expert parent that you are, you already know how many outfits per day your baby goes through. Add the sand and water to the equation, and you’re destined for an outfit change at some point. 

For this very reason, always pack an extra outfit for your children (and yourself)! 

Sun Protection Essentials 

 Two kids holding beach products from their parents beach packing list


Before heading out for a day of beach fun, apply a layer of sunscreen. And remember to reapply as needed. Try our Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Spray, SPF 50 to protect your entire family!

Baby Sunscreen 

While most of our sunscreens can be used for the entire family, our Baby Skin Mineral Sunscreen - SPF 50 was designed for those with very sensitive skin. This gentle spray sunscreen option for your baby glides on sheer! 

Face Sunscreen Stick

We know how tricky it can be to apply sunscreen to your baby’s face and how careful you want to be when doing so.

Our Fragrance Free SPF 50 Baby Face Mineral Sunscreen Stick is just the trick! Glide it on your baby’s face, and leave all your worries about getting it in their eyes or mouth behind.  

Lip Conditioner 

Don’t forget to protect your lips before you head to the beach! Our Lip Tint Conditioner SPF 15 - Beach Rose smoothes and conditions your lips while protecting them from the sun. 

Give your lips that much-wanted shine and protection with our lip tint conditioners!  

Water And Play Essentials


If your children are older or if you want to take a swim in the ocean yourself, pack some goggles or snorkel masks. Everyone can discover and explore the ocean while you visit the beach!

Beach Towels 

When packing for the beach, make sure everyone has their own beach towel. The last thing anyone wants to do is share and end up trying to dry off with a soaking wet towel! Use beach towels that are long and durable. 

Beach Toys 

When it comes to beach toys, don’t overdo it. There’s no need to pack every single beach toy you own. Just throw in the basics, like a shovel, bucket, and a few sculpting toys. 

That’ll be just enough to keep you and your baby busy for hours! 


Floaties for your little one keep them safe while they're in the water, so don’t forget to pack them. And remember to include a float for yourself so you can relax and float around in the ocean!  


 Bag on beach filled with beach packing list essentials

Hand Wipes And Hand Sanitizer 

Hand wipes will help keep your and your little one’s hands clean throughout the day and wipe away the dirt. Hand sanitizer will help keep hands free of bacteria. 

We recommend using both to clean your hands before or after eating while you’re at the beach. 

Waterproof Phone Bag 

Of course you want to bring your phone to the beach to capture all of those sweet memories being made! To protect your phone from sand or water, put it in a waterproof bag or case. 

Books Or Magazines 

If you have some “me” time at the beach — which we know is rare — take a book or magazine to read. This way, if the window of opportunity does open, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of it!

First Aid Kit And Any Medications 

You never know when your little one will get a boo-boo, so pack a small first aid kit with things like bandaids, antiseptic cream, and gauze. 

And if you or your child has allergies, don’t forget any medicines you might need, like an EpiPen. If you’re prone to heat or sun headaches, it might also be a good idea to stash some pain relief medicine in your bag just in case. 

Hair Brush And Hair Ties 

When you’re at the beach, the wind can be fierce. For this reason, don’t forget to pack a hairbrush and some hair ties to keep your hair or your little one’s from getting tangled. 

But if it does get tangled, try our Smoothing Detangling Spray for faster detangling and increased shine! 

8 Easy Tips For Planning A Day At The Beach 

Mom applying baby sunscreen

1) Put Sunscreen On Before Heading Out

More importantly than most anything else, apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you head outside. 

While this does take a little bit of planning, getting sunscreen on yourself and your kids while you’re indoors keeps you from having to fight the sand that wants to fly up and stick to your skin as you’re applying! 

2) Use A Sand-Proof Bag

Trust us on this one — get a sand-proof beach bag to store all of your belongings in to keep sand from getting all over everything. Leave the sand where it belongs: at the beach! 

We also recommend using a mesh laundry bag for storing your beach toys. This way they won't take up much-needed space in your beach bag and they’ll stay nice and clean. 

3) Pull Your Belongings In A Utility Wagon

Sometimes loading up to head to the beach can be an ordeal, but using a utility wagon makes it a breeze! 

Rather than carrying everything, set all of your bags and other essentials in the wagon and simply pull it through the sand. 

Note: Most utility wagons can be folded up, making this a compact and smart choice for the beach. 

4) Create Shade

Create a bit of shade while you’re at the beach by using a beach tent or beach umbrella. These options help you stay out of direct sunlight, which is super important for your little ones, especially those under six months old.  

 Baby at beach holding his legs in the air

5) Consider Your Baby’s Needs 

If you’re bringing a little one to the beach, consider their needs. Pack water diapers, regular diapers, and wipes. 

Also keep in mind that you’ll probably still be at the beach for nap time if you’re not staying somewhere close by. Make the best sleep arrangements for your baby that you can while at the beach.

A portable crib is a good option. Just be sure it’s shaded. 

6) Bring A Baby Pool 

Many parents have found this tip to be a great beach hack! Bring a blowup pool (deflated, of course!). 

Save the blowing-up part for when you actually get to the beach, and then fill the pool up with water. 

This keeps your baby cool and entertained and lets them play and splash in the water without actually going into the ocean. It’s also easier to keep an eye on your little one if they’re right beside you. 

7) Drink Plenty Of Water 

Keep everyone hydrated while they’re playing in the sun and water. Pack a cooler full of water bottles and bring a thermos-style cup so the water stays cold while you're out in the sun. 

8) Plan Snacks And Meals 

We highly recommend planning your snacks and meals for the entire day. This means deciding whether you want to pack all of your food or walk somewhere to eat. 

Based upon your decision, either prepare your food ahead of time or bring some cash along with you. 

Beach Packing List: Everything You Need 

 beach packing list essentials

Keep our beach packing list on hand to help you stay organized for your fun in the sun! From clothing necessities to sun protection essentials and more, you’ll have everything you need for a day at the beach. 

Also, remember the tips we’ve mentioned when planning your trip to the beach. But most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Our Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Spray - SPF 50 gives your family the protection everyone needs. And when you come inside after a fun day at the beach, soothe and nourish your skin with our After Sun Soothing Hydrating Aloe Gel

Now that your beach bag is packed, your family is ready to dip their toes in the water!