Babo kicked off an amazing ambassador program. We recruited moms who have been using and loving Babo. These ambassadors embody the values of babo – spreading healthy habits for the under 12 set. We have always said, “What you put on your body should be as natural as what you eat. “

Cathy is one woman who has been an exceptional ambassador and has done incredible outreach in her Leominster, MA community. Cathy has been a babo fan from the beginning. Some of the amazing activities she has done is provided samples in pediatrician offices, educated her pre-school nurses and even had a back to school party to educate moms!

Cathy became interested in being a babo ambassador because “I genuinely believe in your products and already have converted multiple moms to your product lines. I am rather good at educating others–I taught elementary school for 11 years before staying at home with my two little ones–and am persuasive with things I am passionate about. I enjoy learning as much as educating and am always expanding my own horizons.”

What is Cathy’s Favorite product line” “The Lice Repel line. I L-O-V-E the scent and that it really works to repel lice without using harsh chemicals.”

Babo prides itself on a brand that helps educates on the importance of natural and alternative care. Our brand is focused on prevention and solutions. The proprietary botanical blends we use in our formulas are proven to solve common concerns like eczema, skin dehydration, lice prevention and soothing irritated skin. We feel that we provide the best care for discerning parents.

We greatly value Cathy and many of our ambassadors for championing our cause.