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Now that it’s often freezing and chilly in many parts of the US (we just had our second blizzard in NYC last night), a nice, hot bath, followed by a massage is great for both mom and baby. I love taking baths with my children – and I love a safe, natural bubble which leaves our skin soft rather than dry! It’s fun to enjoy a bath with the kids and not think about any chemicals penetrating our bodies. And it’s great to share a scent we all can enjoy.

Confirmed by a recent Wall Street Journal article in August, 2010, Lavender has been proven to aid better sleep and a greater state of relaxation. Studies confirm that using Lavender products (such as Babo Botanicals Lavender Meadowsweet) as a part of bedtime rituals greatly enhances an infant’s sleep, giving parents everywhere a helping hand! Read the article here: Can Lavender Help You Get to Sleep?


Not only does lavender relax, but as Cool Mom PIcks wrote, it's finally nice to have a bubble bath that is safe. "Babo Botanicals wowed my socks off with their phenomenal line of hair detanglers for kids. And now they've won me over yet again with their new Lavender Meadowsweet 3 in 1 Bubble Bath, Shampoo, and Wash. The ingredients list is impressive, with certified organic plan extracts, no icky chemicals, and no dairy, soy, or nuts. It even makes a lovely and relaxing bubble bath for grown-ups like me who occasionally enjoy wearing bubble beards while they read their magazines and relax."

Read the piece here: Cool Mom Picks on Babo's Lavender line



Registered Nurse, Rosalie Hunt, from Cornell Hospital walks us through how to give a baby massage. Hope watching it doesn’t put you to sleep like the little baby boy ends up! Guess that massage really worked.

Watch the video here: How to Massage a Baby