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A Comparison of Infant versus Adults Skin

Posted on January 25 2013

It is interesting to take a look at the differences between children and adult skin. An infant or small child’s skin is extremely sensitive, delicate, fragile and permeable. Newborn skin is 40-60% thinner than an adult. Its defense system is immature thus leaving the skin unprotected against external agents. It can dehydrate easily, turn red and suffer from irritation. The skin’s dermitis has not built up and so it absorbs more.

The number of environmental toxins we are all exposed to can be overwhelming from air pollution, chlorine, dyes in clothing or detergents. All of this can cause skin irritation, dryness, chafing and rashes. Furthermore 70% of what goes on the skin can go into the body and enter the blood stream very quickly. It is easy to understand the urgency of healthy youth habits.

That is why I created Babo. To find the safest, purist solutions to address sensitive skin. We can do so much to protect our baby’s skin from the very start. Using the most natural, mild, non-irritating formulas won’t strip the skin of natural oils. So topically, Babo is so gentle and effective. Internally, there is nothing to enter the blood stream. So moms, we got you covered!


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