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A Bubbly Day on the Farm

Posted on July 22 2010

Last week I went up to the farm to work on my new Babo Botanicals bubble baths which are coming out this fall. I was lucky to be able to coordinate the timing with a Country Living Magazine photoshoot about Babo and me. The issue will be out in October so I can’t wait to see the photos. Below I’m taking a photo of the photographer, Robert Howard, photographing the vat full of Babo shampoo. Smelled amazing in the barn!


Bubble baths (and sunscreen) top the list of requests for new Babo products that I receive. There do not seem to be a lot of natural bubble baths available – that don’t sting eyes and are made for very sensitive skin. Jonah, an incredible botanist, and I are already on our 5th iteration of the bubbles (you’d be surprised how long product development takes to get the formula exactly right). It’s quite difficult to achieve bubbles using natural ingredients because bubbles are usually formed by synthetic surfactants. But, we’ll get it just right and test it with lots of moms and babies before launching the bubble baths.


While there, I visited their enormous certified organic farm where they grow the most amazing vegetables, flowers and fruits. I’m standing among echinecea and calendula in the picture below. I use a lot of calendula in my products because this beautiful flower has real medicinal properties to soothe and calm sensitive or irritated skin. Behind are sunflowers whose properties range from soothing to moisturizing skin. It’s always amazing to me that this incredibly beautiful flower actually can provide the most beneficial nutrients and vitamins to the hair, scalp and skin.


Jonah and Deshe are below – they are the supreme herbalists – and manage all the plantings. I took home a bunch of squash, onions and garlic with me – and cooked stir fry for the kids that night.



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