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Natural, Nourishing Sunscreen Ingredients

Worry-free, outdoor fun is something you want for yourself and your family. When you take the time to connect with nature, it’s important to ensure your skin stays safe and protected with high-quality zinc sunscreen. There are many sunscreens on the market, but prioritizing the health of your skin starts with ingredients. Nourishing, plant-based ingredients may be the key to enjoying your surroundings without fretting about the effects of the sun. These five ingredients are natural and wholesome sun protection options that support your skin.

Protective Mineral Filters

Protective mineral filters are safe and effective options for the whole family. Zinc is a protective mineral that physically blocks the sun’s rays by sitting on top of the skin to form a barrier. This great sunscreen ingredient can be expensive, so it’s sometimes combined with other UV blockers. If having a pure zinc sunscreen is your ideal product, look for a plant-based formula containing up to 18% or 20% zinc oxide for effective protection.

Soothing Calendula

Nature offers beautiful, plant-based ingredients for skincare products, including sunscreens. When you want to support your skin, botanical ingredients such as calendula can do wonders in sunscreen. Calendula is a flower with a long history as a skin-soothing botanical that can help reduce inflammation. It’s gentle and often used in formulas for children or sensitive skin. As an emollient that helps maintain your skin, calendula is the perfect addition to a plant-based sunscreen with natural ingredients.

Nutrient-Rich Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunscreens need certain ingredients to become the soluble products you can spread on your skin. A reliable, plant-based product may contain sunflower seed oil. Sunflower has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce redness and roughness while supporting skin cell growth. This powerhouse oil derived from sunflower seeds is an excellent addition to a product designed to support and maintain healthy-looking and feeling skin. Your time in nature will go smoother than ever with sunflower seed oil.

Softening Shea Butter

Shea butter is not a common ingredient in sunscreens, which is one of the reasons it’s so special. Shea butter can help your skin feel hydrated and look moisturized. You might find a fragrance-free sunscreen lotion with shea butter for your face or a fragrance-free baby sunscreen. If it’s important for you to find safe and effective multitasking products that nourish your skin, you will definitely enjoy a facial tinted sunscreen with mineral protection and shea. Still, if it’s dermatologist and allergy tested and approved, it will be a product you can feel good about using daily.