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Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best All Summer Long with These 4 Tips 

From the beach to the backyard, you and your family love making the most of summer. Of course, the sun and high temperatures can influence the look and feel of your skin. But not to worry! There are plenty of ways you can keep your skin looking its best all summer long, starting with a gentle zinc sunscreen. Give your skin an advantage this summer with these four tips.

Choose Mineral Sun Protection

The importance of sun protection can’t be overstated. It may be the number one way to maintain clear, healthy-looking skin, especially during the summer. Mineral sun protection, like a broad spectrum zinc sunscreen, can help keep the sun’s UVA and UVB rays at bay. Look for one with a formula full of plant-based ingredients that avoids potentially harsh ingredients. 

While not all zinc sunscreens are created equal, you can trust a high-quality, EWG Verified™ product to protect your skin in the heat of summer. A gentle formula is essential. It can ensure everyone can use sunscreen, even those who may have more sensitive skin. It can be one less thing you and your family have to worry about! You can apply sunscreen and then get out there and do what you love, whether it’s visiting the local pool, hiking, or simply enjoying a summer backyard barbecue! 

Use Lightweight Facial Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be just as important for your face as it is for the rest of your exposed skin. However, some people may shy away from facial sunscreen because they worry it’ll be too heavy or they’re concerned about how it may impact their skin. So look for lightweight formulas that take these concerns into consideration, particularly during the summer. Some facial tinted sunscreen options can be highly effective while being lightweight and gentle for all skin types, including sensitive skin like our Daily Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF50 created for anyone with sensitive skin, an exceptionally lightweight zinc oxide daily sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection from the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays. Plus, some of the best come in a small, travel-friendly size perfect for upcoming trips.


Moisturize Your Face and Body

Another great way to maintain clear, healthy-looking skin all summer long is to focus on hydration and moisturization. As you spend time enjoying the summer, the sun and warm air can pull moisture from your skin. It doesn’t take long before the skin can start to look dry and tired. But when you moisturize your skin before heading out, you can change that. You can find lightweight SPF moisturizers, dedicated moisturizing creams, and body lotions. Daily Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF40 is a nourishing mineral sunscreen that provides daily broad spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Made with 70% organic ingredients, this rich, hydrating formula is infused with moisturizing antioxidant-rich raspberry seed oil.  When you get into the habit of applying a moisturizer before enjoying a summer day, you can give your skin a hydrated advantage throughout the summer and beyond.