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Summer BBQ Tips to Help Keep Your Baby Safe

Summer is the time of year when people clean off their grills for backyard BBQs with neighbors and friends. If you have little ones in your family, you might wonder how to keep them safe and happy during summer events in the fresh air. You’re excited to spend time with your little one in nature but want to keep their sensitive skin safe. Fortunately, you and Mother Nature can prepare a plan to help nourish and protect your baby’s skin.

Bring a Safe and Effective Sensitive Baby Sunscreen

Your baby cannot be outside during the summer without some protection from the sun. As long as your baby is over 6 months old (or gets the okay from your doctor if they’re under that age), baby sunscreen is a must if you’re going to an outdoor BBQ. Look for a baby sunscreen with plant-based ingredients and mineral zinc to ensure the sunscreen is gentle on your baby’s skin so you never second-guess reapplying throughout the day. Additionally, you should pack a hat, UV protective clothing, and sunglasses for your baby.

Take Baby Inside for Breaks From Outdoor Weather

Give your baby breaks from the sun. It’s easy to bring your little one inside to play with toys indoors or hang out with you in the kitchen at home or a friend’s house. They can cool down and avoid overstimulation. Whenever you’re outside, keep your baby in the shade for as long as possible. If you’re at a park or beach, find trees or bring an umbrella and play with your baby there as long as possible.

Give Your Baby a Bath After Fun in the Sun Is Over

With all the sunscreen applications and time spent connecting with nature and exploring their surroundings, your baby is due for a bath. While they had a lot of fun outside, it’s important to wash away any buildup of sunscreen or dirt from your baby’s skin so they’re clean and comfortable at the end of the day. Using our Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free Bubble Bath & Wash with plant-based ingredients will help you continue showing your baby the wonders of the natural world while gently washing and caring for their skin.

Prepare a Routine for a Smooth Bedtime Transition

Your baby will be tired after a long and eventful day outdoors with the family. After you take them out of the bath, make the transition to bedtime easy. Apply a soothing, sensitive baby lotion with oat, shea butter, and jojoba oil to help their skin feel soft and nourished. If your baby loves to wiggle, let them play with a toy while you apply the lotion from their neck to their feet. Use a gentle facial moisturizer for the delicate skin on their face, then tuck them up in their sleep essentials and put them to bed.

Products with plant-based ingredients can help you care for and protect your baby’s skin, whether outside, in the bath, or getting ready for bedtime. Baby products like mineral baby sunscreen, baby shampoo, and baby lotion have gentle formulas that nourish sensitive skin without potentially harsh ingredients. So, whether it’s your little one’s first taste of sunshine, BBQ sauce, or a little of both, make sure you have what you need to ensure everyone ends the day with a new appreciation for being outside while maintaining healthy-looking skin and a smile.